About the Commissary Lists

WE GOT UPDATED COMMISSARY LISTS!!!  We’ve changed the names of our posts to match the categories that are on the new list.  Go to the Commissary category to view the different lists.  All sales are final .  No refunds or exchanges.  Commissary is a privilege that can be taken away.  Sales tax will be added, where applicable.  $250.00 per week spending limit.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Due to limited space on the commissary cart, the variety of products will be rotated throughout the week. 

The list we took the information from was a commissary list that was approved by Chief Balditt on April 3rd, of 2017.  I’d like to give our thanks to Sheriff Salazar’s administration for getting us what we needed in such a timely manner with no fuss.  This was a far cry different from what we experienced the last time we got commissary lists.

Inmates are limited to spending $250 a week.  Some things like soap, shampoo and various other necessities are provided to the inmates but they are allowed to buy better quality items if they want.  Aramark is the company that handles the commissary.  At any time they can choose to change items on the list so we cannot guarantee these items will be available at all times.  The lists are to give families and friends an idea of what their loved one can get and how much money they will need to purchase the items.


88 thoughts on “About the Commissary Lists

  1. Cynthia

    Yes I’m letting you know that my husband received his commissary but got 10 honey buns oppose to getting 10 Ramon noodles, he’s diabetic and cannot eat all that sweet stuff . I ask you if you would please get his order correct. Thank you

    • admin

      Cynthia – This is a private site. It was set up to help people get information. The site is about the Bexar County Jail, it is not part of the jail. Contacting the commissary department is your best option. Good luck.

    • Josh

      Aramark are croocks my wife has not receive her order In 2 months over 120.00 dlls called commissary department they said they will bag her order when they get the items well guess what they are not going to get any items they LOST THEIR CONTRACT to bexar county I’m trying to find a way to press charges some inmates are there for theft over 20.00 or over 50.00 and Aramark has stole more from us so what’s the difference? And they said they DONT DO REFUNDS how can it be a refund when she was charged for all the items and dint receive any ? PLEASE HELP so they don’t do this to anymore inmates how can I press charges? I don’t care about the money I want justice.

    • admin

      Theresa – I’m not sure what kind of package you mean. If you are talking about the food packages, personal hygiene packages or writing supplies packages then you want the iCare program. You can find the link and information in the Special Programs category in the Food Gift Packages – iCare post. Just follow the instructions.

    • admin

      Russ – We thank you for your interest in our site. Unfortunately your post was determined to be an advertisement rather than a question or a comment. If you are still interested in publishing it please make arrangements through our advertising section. Again, our thanks for visiting our site.

  2. Theresa

    Found the website, thanks. But I sented the pkg over a week ago and he still hasn’t rec’ it. Is it cuz he was in detoxs? He just got moved to a cell this passed Wed. the 28th. Does any one knows if they will still sent it out or will I have to pick it up at commissary? And does any one has that number.

    • admin

      Theresa – You can try the iCare customer service number, 1-877-615-3296. They are open Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 5:00.

  3. patti

    I would like to know how much money things cost. Such as shoes, food etc. Can not get any response from that department. I have called and left messages never received a call back. If any one knows please text me with information. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you

    • admin

      Patti – This is a private site. We are not part of the Bexar County Jail. The links below the ‘About the Commissary Lists’ link have actual items on the commissary list and their prices. Items are periodically switched out so the lists will not be exact anymore but should be fairly representative. If you are talking about the food baskets, those will be on the iCare site. You can find it under the Special Programs category. As far as shoes the jail provides soft rubber sandals. I think they do have an orthopedic shoe that can be purchased but I’m not sure about that. If so, it would be bought through commissary.

  4. Eli

    If we send someone money , how does the inmate find out they have money in their commissary account. I have written the individual that they have money, but he hasn’t responded which is not like him. It’s been two weeks so I know he got the letter by now, it hasn’t been returned. Even if I weren’t to write him do the guards tell them they have received money into their trust fund for the commissary?

    • admin

      Anna – It doesn’t appear that iCare has those meals in at this time. They are only showing the munchies type baskets. We don’t know when they will have the specialty foods again.

    • admin

      Marilou – Who did he order them through? Was it an iCare package? I don’t see pizza on those packages. We have not updated the food listings since it was so hard to get them the first time around. If they now offer pizza and he bought some but never got them he will have to file a complaint through the regular complaint system.

  5. Eve

    Just wanted to say thank you for putting up this website! I used to be in and out of jail/prison until I found out I was having my beautiful baby girl who has saved my life! So now that my daughters daddy has started serving a 2 yr sentence and was just taken into custody at BCJD I’m realizing that everything I knew has gone out the window. I have gone on the jail’s website but this site has been a big help as well. Many times people forget that when a person commits a crime it affects alot of people. (So think before you decide to break the law) Sites like this make it easier for families of inmates who choose to help out their loved ones.

  6. carol

    my son’s name is m*** a m***** sid# ****** and he ordered 87.00 worth of commissary on november 6th and he never recievec this he file a grievance and we want to see copy of so said signature please respond soon do not have extra money just to support someone elses stomach i work hard for this money thank you.

    • admin

      Carol – Did he receive a response to his grievance? What did it say? Without knowing the response it’s kind of hard to give advice.

    • admin

      Tracy – You are not allowed to bring him clothes to wear at the jail. It’s a shame that their commissary doesn’t sell a plain white t-shirt for those who would like a little more clothing.

  7. Acestarr01

    I just send my son money through the internet service for the 1st time. He’s only been in jail for 3 days. Will he be notified that he has commissary funds available without I having to go see or write him?

    • admin

      Magdalena – We’re not sure what you mean. Did you send an iCare package? Or did you put money into the inmate’s commissary account? Inmates order commissary. No one else. Please explain a little bit more so we can find an answer for you.

  8. Mike

    I ordered an iCare package (Choco Latte) on March 12, 2013. In addition, I ordered the Afternoon Delight package. My son received the latter but not the former. He thinks it was delivered to another inmate by mistake. Since I paid for the package that he did not receive, I expect a Choco Latte be delivered to him. I’ve tried to leave a message with the Commissary but continue to receive a “This mailbox is full” message. I have the order numbers for the two orders. I expect to hear from someone today. My telephone number is 210-***-****. Thank you.

    • admin

      Mike – To begin with, we are not the Bexar County Jail. We are not affiliated with them in any way. This is a private website designed to help family and friends of incarcerated individuals maneuver through the Jail’s processes.

      Now to help you with your problem we feel your best course of action would be to contact the Sheriff’s Office Administration to complain not only about the missing package but also the trouble you had contacting the Commissary department. The phone number is 210-335-6010. It is an 8 – 5, Monday – Friday office.

    • admin

      Jennifer – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that helps people maneuver through the different processes of the jail. To find out about your partner’s commissary contact Commissary at 210-335-6484.

    • admin

      Pauline – There are forms in the day rooms that allow an inmate to request all kinds of information. Commissary balance is one of the things they can ask about. He needs to submit one of those forms requesting his commissary balance.

  9. Lisa

    My sister purchased me a gift basket 2 weeks ago, I was bonded out and i nhave made several attempts tomcolect it, now I would like it to go to my husband C*** H*****,I would appreciate it very much. thank you!!

    • admin

      Lisa – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a privately owned website that tries to help people to navigate through the confusing processes the jail has. The gift baskets are handled by a private company that has a contract with the County. To get more information, including contact information go to the category “Special Programs”. Once there, click on the link titled “Food Gift Packages – iCare”. You will find the links you need there.

    • admin

      Elizabeth – You will need to go to the iCare website for the different prices on their various packages. Go to the category “Special Programs”. Once there click on the link titled “Food Gift Packages – iCare”. There will be information you need along with a link to the iCare website.

  10. lipa

    My son has been transferred from the Annex to the jail across the street. His commissary that was suppose to be delivered to him on Monday, was returned, due to the move. When will commissary be delivered to the new location?

    Thank you.

    • admin

      Lipa – We are not the County Jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people who are trying to deal with the County Jail. You need to call commissary at 210-335-6484.

  11. Dawn

    I wish people would read and understand that this is a private site that is set up by a private citizen. This is not a link to the Bexar County Jail itself. The person that has set up this private link is doing so out of the goodness of their heart so that us out here can actually have information about our loved ones that are inmates at the Bexar County Jail. If it were not for this private citizen setting up this private link we would not know anything about what is going on with our loved ones that are in the jail because …good luck getting information from the jail itself. So to whoever it is that has taken the time to set up this private link , I thank you so much and I do apologize for these other individuals that get on the site and complain to you even though you have repeatedly stated that this is a private website and in no way associated with the Bexar County Jail itself. I just want to personally thank you for the work that you put into keeping this site up and running.

    • admin

      Dawn – Thank you so much for your kind words. We try hard but we have other obligations on our time also. We don’t take offense with the people who think we are the jail and get upset with us. They are frustrated and worried about their loved ones. That is a main reason why we set up this website, because there were so many of those frustrated and worried people. But we really do appreciate someone realizing the effort we are making. Again, our thanks.

  12. Julie

    I hear that if an inmates owes money or retritution any money sent for commissary will be taken out first so is it better to go thru Icare first ….just think he will get more thru commissary…please advise.
    Thank you.

    • admin

      Julie – Yes they will take money if it is owed for services (such as dental) or due to damages he caused. They will not take his iCare package away from him but you are right in thinking he will be able to get more from commissary with the same amount of money than he would from an iCare package.

  13. Derpp

    Slightly related, anybody know if iCare hot food is delivered to their cell/bunk or are they served it during meal time with everybody else?

  14. mandy

    My boyfriend has been in Bexar county since January. I have sent him care packs and never no problems getting them. For some reason now if he orders commissary he don’t get it till almost 2 weeks after I sent him 2 care packs and both times it has taken 2 weeks for him to get them. Has anyone else been having that problem? I have called the care pack customer service and can’t get anywhere I have also called Bexar county commissary number and all I ever get is some lady very rude.

    • admin

      Mandy – We recommend anyone who is having problems to contact the Sheriff’s Office to complain. ICSolutions and iCare are contract businesses. If they are not giving good customer service the Sheriff’s Office needs to know so they can look into it.

  15. Lala

    I sent some decent photos of myself fully clothed & about a week after I sent them, they were returned to me from an inmate that I don’t even know!! I am so sure I addressed it with all the correct info so that is leaving me baffled about why they never reached the correct recipient?? Are they not focusing as much as they should be in the mail room? ? It really does complicate the only correspondence between two people . How can I be 100 o/o sure he is getting his mail?

  16. Martha

    I am trying to get an updated commissary list; however, it seems that the most recent one is dated on 2010.
    QUESTION: How can I get the most updated one? Thanks in advance for your reply. 6/26/2014

    • admin

      Martha – Good question. They made us jump through hoops to get the lists. They act like it’s some top secret information. This is the same reason we haven’t updated our list. We are dreading having to go through that again.

  17. Martha

    Also, I would like to send a book to read, an algebra book and some game books (ei: crosswords puzzles, etc.). QUESTION: How can I send these items and, is there a list of books that are allowed in the facility?

    • admin

      Martha – You can’t. Books will only be accepted from the publisher. You will have to buy from a publisher and have it mailed to the inmate.

  18. Rhonda

    My son was transferred to the Karnes County Correctional facility today from Bexar County. He had ordered commissary goods but not yet received them. What will happen to those items and/or the money he paid for them? Will his trust fund balance be transferred to Karnes county and how long will it take to be available to him? Thanks for your help.

    I’ve found this website to be invaluable in navigating the Bexar County System. I wish Karnes County had something similar. Their website is pathetic and very difficult to navigate.

    • admin

      Rhonda – Thank you for the complement. We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people who have to deal with a very complex system. As for the commissary goods that can’t be delivered, the money will be credited back to his account and that money goes with him to Karnes.

    • admin

      Maria – It’s done as soon as Banking gets the money. You can contact Banking at 210-335-6287 to check to see if the funds are in the account yet.

  19. Chelsea

    I sent my boyfriend money so he can buy food and hygiene . It’s been more than a week since he’s ordered his stuff and he checked and they said it’s been delivered to him which is NOT true he doesn’t have anything . Someone signed for him and has his stuff. I need to speak with a corporate office or someone to take care of this . He’s file plenty of grievances and es still waiting . What are they investigating on for so long ? Check his cell he obviously doesn’t have anything , check the camera . It’s not right someone can just take his stuff when I paid for him to eat and have atleast abbr of soap ! No one in there understand he needs his stuff and his food . He’s done his grievances and talked to plenty of people and I talked to Aramark and they didn’t do anything . This is very irresponsible and unfair . Please let me know what else can be done and who I can speak with since obviously in there there not doing anything . That’s called theft !!!

    • admin

      Chelsea – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people in dealing with the jail system. We suggest you call the administration offices to complain. That number is 210-335-6010. They have regular business hours.

  20. Joanne

    My ex-husband was transferred to Garza west and had just ordered his commissary. My question is what happens to his commissary? I have called several times and each time the mail box is full! I just want to get my money back or the items he ordered. Thank you

  21. Dani

    Can you tell me does the inmates have the option to but phone cards or time on phone calls thru the commissary? I want to put money on his commissary and would like to talk to him but I can’t do both. Thanks

    • admin

      Maria – Supposedly they do not give out that information but some posters have said it was given to them. Try calling the Banking department to see if you can get it. That number is 210-335-6287.

  22. Genevieve

    I sent a gift to my son “savor the flavor” through “I care” on July 16th they said that it was already in progress and that I had to contact you to find out when it would be delivered can you give me some information on your delivery date and if the package has arrived.

    • admin

      Genevieve – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people deal with their complex system. You need to call their commissary department.

  23. Derri

    Do inmates get any hygiene or toiletry items from the jail? My sister has been in Bexar a few times, ranging from a couple days to a few months. She always complains that she can’t get any shampoo, soap,toothpaste, tampax, ect, until she has money in her commissary. Does the jail really not provide even the basics?

    • admin

      Derri – Yes hygiene items are provided but they are extremely basic, nothing fancy. If an inmate wants the better quality items they have to buy them from commissary.

  24. Diana

    My daughter was mentioning that HEB is going to take over the commissary starting February 1st. Do you know if that’s true and if so, will there be list that we can see online? Thanks!

  25. Jamie

    Do you have any info on the new commissary company taking over in place of Aramark?I heard it was Keefe but I can’t find a way to add funds for commissary. Can I add funds online or just at their kiosk? Any help would be so appreciated

  26. Amelia

    I would like to know how do I put money on my nephew books to buy items or see the Dr. I live in Anna Texas. So please email me with the information how I can do this. His name is J*** A***** P****. Please email me, text or call me at ###-###-####.I appreciated it very much.

    • admin

      Amelia – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help the public deal with the systems at the jail. You can add money to your nephew’s account several ways. Go to the category Money for Commissary to see your options.

  27. Lilian

    I was wondering if I could order a cake for my fiancé delivered with a cre package and a birthday card..and of so where and how much will it cost?

    • admin

      Lilian – In the previous program you used to be able to do that but we’re not sure under the new program. If you log in to order something please get back to us to let us know if they have birthday and holiday packages.

  28. Barb

    My son has told me that sometimes it seems they will not deliver an iCARE package on time in order to force them to use up their commissary money. Is there any supervision over the commissary and how it is handled? Also, how are the prices set? Seems high for mostly junk food.

    • admin

      Barb – It may seem that way but I doubt that is the case. More than likely they get a percentage of the profits from the food gift packages. The prices are high but the excess money goes into a fund that is used to get things for the inmates such as GED instructors, educational supplies, art supplies and other things. The requirement for that fund is that the money be used for the inmates.

  29. Jennifer

    Order individual products from their County Commissary pay for it and have it delivered to the inmate

    Can we order individual food products from you all and we pay for it for the inmate and then deliver it to the inmate

    • admin

      Jennifer – We combined your two questions together. First, no you cannot order commissary for an inmate. They have to order it themselves and pay for it out of their commissary funds. Second, no you cannot order and pay for food products, even from the jail, and deliver them to the inmate. You can order care packages but those will go straight to the inmate. One quick last point, we are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people deal with the jail system.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  30. Carla

    There is a new website to add funds for inmates’ commissary: accesscorrections.com

    Of course this new information is not posted any where on Bexar County website. Just thought I would share it here.

    • admin

      Carla – Thank you! We always appreciate it when our readers help us create a general pool of knowledge.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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