WE GOT UPDATED COMMISSARY LISTS!!!  We’ve changed the names of our posts to match the categories that are on the new list.  Items listed with a (T) are taxable items.  All sales are final .  No refunds or exchanges.  Commissary is a privilege that can be taken away.  Sales tax will be added, where applicable.  $250.00 per week spending limit.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Due to limited space on the commissary cart, the variety of products will be rotated throughout the week. 

2005  Individual Coffee 1.5 g ———————————————–$0.69

2283  Keefe Columbian Coffee———————————————$4.99

2070  Hot Cocoa .8 oz———————————————————–$0.69

2014  French Vanilla Cappuccino S.S.————————————$0.65

2345  Orange Breakfast Drink Mix 19 oz (T)————————–$4.75

2347  Lemonade Drink Mix 19 oz (T)————————————-$4.75

2348  Fruit Punch Drink Mix 19 oz (T)————————————$4.75

2110  Fruit Punch Cool Off S.S.  (T)—————————————-$0.59

2120  Lemonade Cool Off S.S. (T)——————————————-$0.59

2081  Sugar S.S.———————————————————————$0.10

2082  Creamer .105 oz———————————————————-$0.10

2214  Sugar Sub 10pk———————————————————–$1.00

2167  Horchata 5.64 oz———————————————————$4.50


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