WE GOT UPDATED COMMISSARY LISTS!!!  We’ve changed the names of our posts to match the categories that are on the new list.  Items listed with a (T) are taxable items.  All sales are final .  No refunds or exchanges.  Commissary is a privilege that can be taken away.  Sales tax will be added, where applicable.  $250.00 per week spending limit.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Due to limited space on the commissary cart, the variety of products will be rotated throughout the week. 

0001  Balsam/Protein Shampoo 4 oz (T)———————————-$1.50

0002  Balsam/Protein Conditioner 4 oz (T)——————————$1.50

0031  Sulfer 8 2 oz (T)————————————————————–$3.00

0065  Softee Curl Activator 8 oz (T)—————————————–$3.25

0090  Single App Shampoo .34 oz (T)—————————————$0.06

0118  Roll On Deodorant 3 oz (T)——————————————–$2.25

0214  Cocoa/Shea Butter Lotion 15 oz (T)——————————-$3.50

0242  Acne Cream 1 oz  (T)——————————————————-$3.55

0251  Anti-Fungal Cream .5 oz (T)——————————————–$5.30

0273  Lip Balm .16 oz (T)———————————————————-$1.69

0331  Shave Cream 7 oz (T)——————————————————$2.20

0341  Single App Shave Cream .25 oz (T)———————————$0.06

0355  Shampoo 15 oz (T)———————————————————$3.29

0358  Conditioner 15 oz (T)—————————————————-$3.29

0362  Dandruff Shampoo 15 oz (T)——————————————$3.29

0397  Cocoa Butter Soap 5 oz (T)——————————————–$1.75

0426  Sport Bar Soap 5 oz (T)————————————————–$1.75

0520  Colgate Toothpaste 2.8 oz (T)—————————————$3.49

0555  Fingertip Toothbrush (T)———————————————-$0.99

0590  Denture Tabs 40 ct (T)————————————————-$3.25

0652  Antibiotic Ointment 1 oz———————————————-$4.90

0671  Cherry Cough Drops 30 ct (T)————————————–$1.99

0697  Lens Holder (T)————————————————————$4.09

0760  Cotton Swabs 100 ct (T)———————————————-$1.75

0784  Denture Adhesive 2.04 oz (T)————————————–$5.29

0815  Military Brush (no handle) (T)————————————-$3.25

0821  Palm Brush (T)————————————————————-$0.75

3692  Multi-Purpose Solution 12 oz (T)———————————$3.50

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    • admin

      Cristina – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people who have to deal with the jail. Regarding the forks, I believe they get sporks with their meals. You know, those spoon things with fork tines at the tip. And yes, price gouging is definitely done. Part of the profit goes to the jail and can only be used to benefit the inmates, but the companies still make a ton of money.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you

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