The PR bonds are done out of the Pretrial Services department.  Their department is an extension of the Courthouse.  They determine if a person is eligible to receive a personal recognizance bond.  Because this is what they are known for they are called P.R. Bonds by the majority of people.  I’ll stay with that name so there won’t be any confusion.

When a person gets a P.R. bond they are signing on their own personal recognizance.  In other words, they are promising to appear in court.  There is a fee for a P.R. bond, normally 3% of the bond, nonrefundable.  The arrested individual will be interviewed by P.R. Bonds personnel.  They will ask for a list of references and will call those individuals to help them determine if the arrested person is someone who has strong ties to the community or is someone who might run.

It’s a time consuming process which keeps them very busy.  However, they are pretty decent when dealing with people on the phone.  They are a 24/7 operation.

P.R. Bonds:  210-335-6315

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  1. Peggy Mitchell

    I would like to thank whoever was responsible for putting up this webpage. We have never had to go through anything like this before and this has been incredibly helpful. Thank You.

    • admin

      We have been informed that an individual can get a P.R. bond for a felony charge. There is a list of felony charges that do not qualify for a P.R. bond. We are currently waiting to receive that list.

    • admin

      Connie – No, there is not an online payment system for P.R. bonds. They have to be paid either in cash or by money order. It can be done in person or by mail.

    • admin

      Lyn – Most misdemeanors can get a PR bond. Felonies can sometimes get PR bonds but mostly they don’t. But a PR bond does not have to be given no matter what level the charge is. It is a discretionary decision.

  2. angel

    My husband was released on a pr bond n got arrested again by choice. Is there any way to get him out? Will i have to pay off his pr bond then trya bail bond for his new charge?

    • admin

      Angel – Your husband will not be able to get another PR bond. Your only options to pay for the bond on his current charge is to pay it yourself which means you have to come up with the whole amount or go to a private bond company. As far as the PR bond you will need to find out if they are going to revoke it. If they do, a warrant will go out for your husband. Contact PR Bonds at 210-335-6315 to get more information. They are a 24/7 office.

    • admin

      Lynn – Once a P.R. bond is approved the individual is processed out like everyone else. If they had already been assigned to a unit then they have to be brought back to booking along with changing back into their street clothes and so on. There is no precise time frame. A lot of it depends on how busy they are in Booking.

  3. Rose

    My son was arrested and charged with a felony. I gave pr bond office my info and reference info. He was denied. Will they review again. References were not called so what other criteria is used to recommend. I would pay the 3% . Not sure why they denied him. Again will he have another opportunity to be reviewed?

    • admin

      Rose – People are a lot more likely to get a PR bond with misdemeanor charges. It is possible to get a PR bond for a felony but they are a lot more picky about those. References are by far not the only thing used to determine if he is eligible. His denial may be related to whatever the charge was or it may be based on the interview they had with him or other information they were able to obtain. Once he has been denied they are going to move on to others. He won’t be reconsidered.

      You could try calling PR bonds at 210-335-6315 (they are a 24/7 office) to see if they will tell you why he was denied and to find out if there is anything you can do. It’s a long shot but you’ve got nothing to lose by trying.

    • admin

      Alyssa – Probably not. PR bonds are normally given for misdemeanors. It’s not totally unheard of for one to be given on felonies, just not common.

    • admin

      Karen – A personal recognizance (PR) bond is basically a bond granted on your promise to appear. The fee is just that, a fee. It is to cover the processing charge.

  4. Amanda

    I have contacted them by phone with questions because the record that was created did not seem correct regarding his PR Bond. I want someone to look into it and see if incorrect information was recorded on my husband’s log and then presented to the judge. If he was denied justly fine but if he was denied based on an incorrect record I want someone to look into it and represent to the judge if possible. The lady told me I lying about what was on the record and is refusing to even to take the information to ask a supervisor to look into this matter. I asked for a supervisor and she gave me the Pre-Trails number where I end up back to here when I press the options. Do you know where I can go in person or another way to reach a supervisor? Do you know what options I have to have this matter looked into?

    • admin

      PR Bonds actually is a part of Judicial Services which means it belongs to the Courthouse, not the Sheriff’s office. You can try calling Courthouse information at 210-335-2011. Ask to speak to someone who is in charge of PR Bonds.

  5. NewLessons

    Friend’s first experience with arrest for one 19-yr old traffic ticket, jail + PR bond; was granted PR and did not realize the process was so time-consuming; 18 hours in jail without being able to reach anyone; and then PR orientation which one is required to attend or have PR bond revoked. Was set for 9 am; did not start until 10; took 10 mins to go thru slide show and 4+ hours to do the paperwork, ONE Person at a time. With a large group, this takes forever. Friend’s story highlights these tips — Arrive early. No parking; plan to walk several blocks. Pay bond first. Plan to spend all day going through orientation. Pay your 3% bond ASAP so you may only have to report by phone once a month; not in person every week. REMEMBER to check in with the 4 window cashiers down the hall from check-in desk BEFORE you leave from orientation to confirm bond payment; take your receipt. 24 hour # does not give you much info; they refer you to your assigned bond officer to resolve or answer anything.

  6. mark

    What if an imate goes to court and they assigin him a pr bond with a gps monitor for a robbery charge, but then they haven’t said anything about a mtr he had?? Will they still get out cuz he just did go to court and they said he gunna be out on pr bond

    • admin

      Mark – One charge can be fully taken care of but if there is another charge that has not been taken care of the inmate will not be released.

    • admin

      Joe – This site is to help family and friends of inmates. It is not for trashing individual people. If you have a complaint against someone call the jail to voice your concerns.


    What does it mean when it says “Defendant is incarcerated for a charge not routinely handled by PR Bond office” ?
    Does that mean that person doesn’t qualify for a PR Bond?

  8. dani

    I have court tomorrow. I have had PR bond before and am currently on one now. I was to check in in person for three weeks. By mistake I missed my second check in. I tried and tried to contact my officer constantly. Now I would have just gone down there when I remembered but I called and found out I had an active warrant for the case I am on bond for. Assuming this would get me arrested if I’d gone down there, I haven’t checked in. I am wondering if when I go to court tomorrow for this case I am on bond for if I will be arrested or since I am going to court I will not be arrested.. or if they’ll arrest me for not checking in. Please help! Thanks.

    • admin

      Dani – You’ll be arrested. Get it over with. If you don’t go to court another warrant will be issued for you. It will start getting harder and more complicated the longer you put it off. If you get caught by the police they will arrested you, have your car impounded and if you have kids with you they will call child protective services to take them. It’s harder on everyone. Going at this point may get you some sympathy from the judge because you showed good faith in showing up for court. Maybe he’ll even re-instate the bond.

      Thanks for correcting the change your phone made. I had no idea what you were trying to tell me with the word the phone substituted in.

  9. COLE

    My son is out on a PR bond for interfering with public servant. He has been arrested with another charge of Assault BI/ Marriage CoHab. Will he lose his PR bond? Will he have to pay the bond for the second charge?

    • admin

      Cole – Your son won’t necessarily lose his first PR bond and he may still be eligible for a second PR bond. PR Bonds would have to make a determination on what they will do. PR Bonds is part of the Courthouse even though it is situated at C-Mag. You would need to call them at 210-335-6315.

  10. Stephanie

    I have a question my boyfriends ex has ben In jail since the begining of sep.anyways she had a 50,000 drug charge and they gave her a pr bond it was an f3 & she has privious failure to appears and it was funny cuz every thingsince 2007 had been brought back up and also when a person is on work release and escapse dont they do straight time?

    • admin

      Stephanie – The bond, straight time and work release are all part of the judicial system. In other words, the judge makes the decision.

    • admin

      Stephanie – This is a private site. We are not the Bexar County Jail. We have no idea if she is or is not a CI. And we don’t recommend you call the jail. They are not going to tell you if someone is a CI. If they went around telling everyone who the CIs were they wouldn’t be confidential any more, would they?

  11. patty

    My husband was arrested a few months ago for a bad check. He has taken care of it. And now this morning was arrested for 7 traffic warrants. Would he be eligible for a PR bond?

    • admin

      Patty – If the warrants on the tickets have bond amounts then he could probably get bond for them but the warrants may just have an owed amount. If so, then he has to either pay the amount or serve out the time.

    • admin

      Jbaby – PR usually refers to a PR bond. Are you sure the rest was “mir”? If so, we’re not sure what that means, maybe the initials of who processed it? But if it was actually mtr it might refer to motion to revoke probation.

  12. too much info

    My.friend is out on a PR bond that is her frst time in jail.she.forgot to call in on time instead called.late n left.a voicemail. Her court.date is two weeks.away if she left a message n check in the next day. Will she still be in trouble

    • admin

      TMI – The PR bond functions are actually part of the judicial system, not the jail. We suggest you contact them to find out how they handle situations like yours. The phone number for PR Bonds is 210-335-6315. They are 24/7.

  13. dyanna

    My boyfriend got arrested for family violence , currently in jail awaiting a court date. He has a hold from another county for misdemeanor possession. He was out on a pr bond but never went to cory. He thinks he might get time served for THAT offense since hes sitting in jail now for the F3 ; how likely is that? & what can happen to him if he never showed up to court on a pr bond and gets transfered. ?

    • admin

      Dyanna – I doubt the other county will give him time served for the time he is doing in this county. If it all happened in the same county he could get the time served but that’s not his situation. He will probably be transferred to the other county at some point to serve out the time they sentence him to.

  14. Courtney

    My boyfriend is out on a PR bond from another county. Since he has been out of jail he got a First degree felony and possession charge. The felony got dismissed in March 2013 but his lawyer failed to bring up the possession case to be dismissed also. He is in court for the misdemeanor right now. If he pleads guilty to the case will this effect the conditions of his PR bond in the other county. He will receive time served for the case because he did 45 days for the case that was dismissed.

    • admin

      Joseph – A Personal Recognizance bond (PR bond) is basically a bond based on your son’s honor. It accepts that your son will show up in court because he says he will. No money passes hands so none is owed back. There is the initial fee and that’s it.

  15. josh

    my girlfriend got arrested on Saturday, and she got assigned a dorm/pod and a bunk in the annex already. she applied for a pr bond and they called her references she gave them to confirm the information they needed. is it possible she can still get approved on the pr bond if shes already been in her dorm/pod for a couple days? can they release her from the dorm/pod during da week sometime?

  16. concerned wife

    My husband was arrested yesterday had a court date on the 9th of sept.but wasnt aware of it inwhich it became a warrent i called about his charges & it says retempt without bond so now he’s ben transfered to county jail can he still qualify for a PR bond it being his first time??

    • admin

      Concerned Wife – It depends on what the charge is. Some charges are not eligible for a PR bond. You need to call PR Bonds at 210-335-6315 to find out if he is eligible.

  17. Cindy

    If a person gets out on a PR bond of $2, 000 how is that repaid? I see it says 3 percent is a nonrefundable fee but when and how is it payed back?

    • admin

      Cindy – There is no repayment on a PR bond. What it does is say you are promising to appear. It gives someone the benefit of the doubt that they are an honorable person and will do what they promised to do. The fee is a processing fee.

  18. Lexa

    My boyfriend was applying for a PR bond at the same time I was working on getting a bond for him. The PR bond was still in the application/approval process when the Bondsman I was working with called to cancel the process.

    My concern is his employment. Since Texas is an ‘at-will’ state and employment can be terminated at any time, I believe his employer has a policy that if a shift is missed due to incarceration it is cause for immediate termination. Since the PR bond requires references (one I am assuming is proof of employment, since he mentioned that he put down his work place), I am worried that they recieved a phone call inquiring on behalf of the approval process which could result in the loss of his employment (and therefore beginning an even more difficult route of finding employment to pay the related fines and court fees).

    My question is this: Is there a way to find out which references had been contacted before the process was cancelled? Would we be able to call the Magistrate’s office or another office involved?

  19. Kayla

    My brother is currently out on a PR bond (for tresspassing) however i am supre worried about him he is 23 and on drugs, he dont have court until 12/9. My step dad passed away 11/5 from an ocerdose an im worried my brother is going to go the same way, does he get drug tested on pr bonds? i wanted to see if i could talk to someone there about getting him rehab my family n u deff cant afford it.

    • admin

      Kayla – You need to speak to his attorney. The attorney will be the one that needs to try to get rehab for his client. PR Bonds does not test for drugs.

  20. Mike

    Once a person is approved for a P.R. bond and they leave the jail, are there any actions, other than not showing up for their court date, that could cause the bond to be revoked? (Actions such as failed drug tests, non-favorable encounter with law enforcement, etc…)

  21. Richard

    My bond was set for $1000 however it says that I need to pay $30 at Pre-Trial Services. Do they accept card, cash, or check? Or does it have to be a money order?

  22. Richard

    Second question, the lady who was giving me my PR bond told me that all I would have to pay is the $30 and not the full $1000. Is that correct?

  23. stevie

    I was given a P.R. Bond in Austin in Travis County for dwi. Not sure if things are similar. I am still on bond and was pulled over for running a red light. Used my friends car for an emergency and my license is suspended. Cop didnt arrest me but did give me a traffic ticket for running red sign and no license. Will this effect me on my case or bond?

    • admin

      Ednak – PR bonds is part of the judicial system. A PR bond is basically saying you promise to show up. You just need to be concerned about what the people processing your bond, Judicial Services, tell you to do. No private bondsman is necessary.

  24. jackie

    My husband got interviewed for his probably bond Tuesday night & judge still hasn’t signed it? Is that normal? He’s in jail right now.

    • admin

      Jackie – Before approving a PR Bond they personnel that interviewed him will investigate him. They will call the contacts that he gave to see if those people will vouch for him. If they are not able to make contact, or did not feel comfortable with the response they may be taking longer. It’s also possible that it was not approved. Contact PR at 210-335-6315 to see if they can tell you what the problem is.

  25. zelena

    My husband is currently in jail at carrizales in olmito tx he is in there for domestic violence And Impeding of breath his first felony but has already gotten a pr bond on a previous charge would he be able to get a second pr bond?

    • admin

      Zelena – We are confused by your question. Are you saying the warrants are out of Bexar County? If so, then you would need to contact P.R. Bonds at 210-335-6315 to see if he is eligible for another one. If the warrants from the other county you would need to contact them.

  26. Rachel

    I was released on a P. R. bond and it required me to meet a week after my release
    with completed given paper work and $60. I did not attend this sechuled meet and
    therefor not paying that $60 fee either. Can my PR bond be revoked? If so, how
    will I know? But I haven’t missed my court date and do plan on appearing,
    any advise?

    • admin

      Rachel – Yes your bond can be revoked. If that happens a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Our advice, contact the P.R. Bond office to see if you can reschedule your meeting.

  27. diana

    Sure would like to publicize your website more on our website–we advocate for better jails and better treatment of inmates. I think what you are doing is awesome. If I could talk with you a little, I could write up a short piece about your UNOFFICIAL website!

    • admin

      Diana – We would like to thank you for your kind words. We reviewed your site and had a round table on your offer. We admire what you are doing but we were a little uncomfortable with the comments from people that only had bad things to say. We have various goals one of which is making this situation less stressful for family and friends of the incarcerated individual. We prefer to make people knowledgeable about why things have to be done a certain way so people don’t feel their loved one is being targeted for no reason and what they should do when there is an actual problem. The final vote was to decline your generous offer. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

  28. concerned mother

    If someone is out on a PR bond and catches another case causing the PR bond to be revoked… what happens and how long does this process take ?

    • admin

      Concerned Mother – If the PR bond is revoked a warrant will be issued for that case. No set time limit but pretty quickly.

  29. Frances

    my boyfriend got a pr bond and was told he has to take a class, is this just a one time class or does he have to take it multiple times until he appears in court?

    • admin

      Frances – We have no idea what class he was told to take. Contact his attorney or the court his case was tried in for more information.

  30. Tom

    I’m out on a PR bond. What if I just go to a Bond’s person to pay my Bond. If I do that can the court put any type of condtions on my me, like having a breathlyzer in my car.

    • admin

      Marco – We don’t understand what you are asking. Do you want to go get yourself drug tested? Are you asking if they will randomly drug test you? Or maybe you’re asking if getting drug tested will help your case?

      • admin

        Hector – P.R. bonds belong to the Courthouse. We don’t have information on the judicial side. We focus on the jail.

        We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

  31. steven

    i have a pr bond…im suppose to report tuesday. i had a job prior to going to jail and an interview to go to work that has been rescheduled… i cannot show proof of work at the moment will they revoke my bond?

    • admin

      Steven – They are trying to keep people out of jail to avoid overcrowding. Tell them your situation. They will probably work with you.

  32. keshia

    I have a guest ion my ex boyfriend was sent to the county jail for a (Dom)ass..his bond was 10,000they sent him another facility BT when he get released do he still have to make that bond or is it jus time served an free to go

    • admin

      Keshia – Bonds are never served out. He was probably sent to the other facility to handle a charge they had against him and will be brought back when that charge is satisfied.

  33. patty

    Can a person get PR bond twice? My husband was arrested last year and got one. He did go to court and paid fines. Was just arrested again tonight for traffic tickets. Is there a chance he will get a PR bond again?

  34. Sam

    A girl I know got a PR bond, but missed her court date and a warrant was issued. She is going to the court next week, can she get a renewed PR bond?

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