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UPDATE:  We have added a Daily Arrests category.  The information is retrieved from the Bexar County Jail’s Activity reports.  The jail’s format is so poor that it would be too time consuming to fix it but we have tried to make it a little more readable. 

I want to start off by saying that if you are looking for an individual to see if they have been arrested this would be the last place I would recommend that you check.  The jail activity report is supposed to be in real time, I doubt it, but that’s what it aims for.  Still, it’s probably only off by a few hours.  The reason I don’t recommend it is because it is difficult to read.  There is no way anyone can tell me that they could not have done a better job if they had wanted to.

Still for those who want to try it here’s the link:  Jail Activity Report.  I’ve given the link to the main page.  Once there you pick the day you want to search.  The last seven days will be listed.

My recommendation is to call Central Records rather than using the Jail Activity Report.  If it’s too soon for them to have the information then try the Magistrate’s Office.

59 thoughts on “Jail Activity Report

  1. robert

    ive never had such a hard time finding out basic info for some one thats locked up n a county jail. its like bexer co. wants tha public to have to go to a web site and pay for info, that should be free to love 1s of inmates.

    • admin

      Robert – I’m not exactly sure where you went. The Bexar County Jail does not have a website that asks you to pay for information. I do see that you commented from the jail activity report post. I find those reports a little difficult to read. I would suggest that you call Central Records to get the information you need. They are a 24 hour office. The number is 210-335-6201. You will need the name of the inmate and his date of birth or you will need the inmate’s sid number.

  2. sam

    What is super agg.sexual assualt can u tell me the difference between that sexual assualt and indecency with a child by contact please

  3. Sylvia

    A C**** G***** was arrested in my car I do not even know him my daughter supposedly had my car anyway on 10-15-2012 my car was towed And no one knows where my key to my car are Pls ask this C**** if he has my keys

    • admin

      Sylvia – This is a private website. We are not the jail. But even if you did call the jail, no one is going to go ask that individual what he did with the keys. They have too many people there to be able to do that.

  4. Phillip

    Can inmates request to have their info hidden? I’ve called several times to check on a family member–and I know she’s in there–but the jail keeps saying no one is in there by that name. Can an inmate request the jail to say they’re not in there, despite having all the proper information on them to see if they’re in there?

  5. Megan

    If you’re having a hard time reading the Jail Activity Report, a little hint…. Hit Control+f on your keyboard and you can do a name search. You may have to sift through the same first name several times, but it’s better than reading the entire page. May save you a TON of time.

  6. Leah

    Hello, my fiancee had court May 15-16. He is pending info. And is believed to be back in court June 15th..,? I am questioning the date to be exact and the degree he is being accused of what charges,? We are fighting the DWI. J*** is an absolute awesome gentleman! I am so blessed to have in my life. I suffer from extreme grand mal seizures. He has been beside me with them for since back last October. We are going to marry soon. This will not break us but keep us stronger in love. Can I request the info for my fiance. I am new to this. Sorry if I didn’t do it right. Thank you.

    • admin

      Leah – We believe anyone can make a mistake. We’re not here to judge. We are also not the Bexar County jail. We’re a privately owned website. It sounds as if your fiance is no longer in jail. That being the case you will need to contact the court for the information you need. Go to the category titled “Phone Numbers”. You will need to remember what court he was in the first time. Once there select the list you need. It was probably one of the County Courts. Click on the link to get the phone list. You will need to call the court clerk during regular business hours and will need to have his sid number ready to give them. Good luck.

  7. Dave

    While on the activity report. click on edit at the top left and then click on FIND ON THIS PAGE. Type in Capital letter what you are looking for.

    • admin

      Lee – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They are a 24/7 office. You will need either her sid number or her name and date of birth.

  8. James

    If someone gets detained for domestic violence, can he be let go if the person whom he is being charge for drops the charges?

    • admin

      James – Normally not. This is done to protect women from being intimidated into dropping charges. The State can proceed with the case.

  9. Anita

    if someone is in jail and they get released will they release any info as far as what address he/she gets released too if they are in the middle of a divorced and have been separated for a while

    • admin

      Marilyn – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They are a 24/7 office. They will need his name and date of birth to look him up.

  10. Tyania

    Would like to know how can ny son get medical attention he’s been on Antidepressant and Anxiety and ADD.DISORDER UNDER CENTER FOR HEALTH CARE,MY SON HAS CALLED Needs medical attention for his disability my son has been all his life Special but we’ve treated him as a normal even though he could never be that’s what put him in there not noing right from wrong.Followers. help me with information. .TY

  11. ioana

    Hello,please i really need your help. i am not able to call you and i don’t speak english very well.i really need to find some informations about a inner .is my brother a friend of him told me he is there but i don t know that for shure and how can i help him get out if he must pay something… we are really worried.Is any chance to comunicate with someone who can help me with this informations but not at the phone? his name is B***** B**** , born date: ******** **** ****. Pls help us to find someting about him .tnx allot

    • admin

      Ioana – We are not able to determine, by names, what nationality you are. We recommended that you contact the Consulate for your country of birth.

  12. GLN

    My Brother was arrested on the night of Feb. 4th…I know it was on a 2nd degree felony: “Burgl with the intent to commit theft” how can I find out the details on this charge? Eg: where was the crime committed? Who is pressing the charges? What did he steal? Etc. And thank you for yr.home

    • admin

      GLN – You can get some of that information from Central Records if your brother is still in jail. Some you will need to get from the police report.

  13. Kelly

    My daughter has been in Bexar County Jail since October & has had some medical problems, will she be able to request copies of her medical records either now or when she is released?

    • admin

      Kelly – She should be able to get them but she will have to speak to the medical department. They are part of the University Health System.

    • admin

      Monaaa – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people maneuver through the processes at the jail. You need to contact Central Records at 210-335-6201.

    • admin

      Mimi – You can check the jail activity report if it’s been within the last 7 days but that list is hard to read. You could try calling Central Records at 210-335-6201.

  14. Robert

    I need to find out the dates I was incarcerated at Bexar County jail. I also need to find out the cause number for that incarceration s well. I dont know if I just need to call up to the jail or if I can find it on the web somewhere.

    • admin

      Robert – The fastest way is to go down in person to get the information. If you don’t want to do that you can send an open records request.

  15. Kate

    Not a question just a navigation tip – when I use/search the Jail Activity Records, I just use the ‘Find’ feature either in the browser [Firefox users: it’s the pull down menu at the top right, button is UNDER the ‘X’] or by pressing Ctrl + F. I just type in the first or last name, whichever is less common. It’s way easier than scanning those sheets, and cuts down on search time. Just thought I’d pass that along.

    • admin

      Angela – It depends on which agency arrested the person driving the car. Contact Central Records at 210-335-6201. They will be able to give you the different towing companies’ information.

  16. Mom

    There are a few things I would like to clarify…

    1. Why would someone who was listed on the Magistrates Inmate Search, but not listed in the Jail activity report?

    2. What does “NOTHANDLED” in the comment section mean?

    3. If someone is arrested and on probation or parole why would they be released the very same day they were arrested.

    • admin

      Mom – 1. The mag list is arrests. The jail activity report is releases. We don’t know why in the world the jail does not list the incoming people as activity. We had originally been told it had both which is why we named our section the way we did. We probably need to change that.
      2. We have not been given an answer by Pre-Trial. We suspect it means the person never tried to get a PR bond.
      3. If probation or parole say they are not going to pull their terms for the violation then the person can bond out as usual. The jail is almost at capacity. Everyone works together to try to get people out if they can.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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