03/23/2012 – Incident at the Jail was Not a Riot

A lot of people may be concerned about their loved ones because of the way the News stations are reporting on an incident that occurred at the Bexar County Jail.  On Friday, March 23rd, the Mexican Mafia carried out several hits on the Orejones.  The hits were in the form of assaults.  Several fights were reported.

Officers immediately took control and locked down ALL members of the two gangs, not just the ones involved in the fights.  The News stations are making it sound like 400 inmates were involved in a riot.  There was not a riot.  If you add up the combatants from all the different fights there were only about 38 inmates total that were involved but it was not 38 all at one time.  No officers were hurt and inmates only suffered scrapes and bruises.

The two gangs will remain segregated to keep anyone from retaliating.  The Mexican Mafia leader has been moved out of the Bexar County Jail.  The lock down has been lifted but the segregation will continue.  Lifting the lock down means the inmates will be able to have visitation.

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