Anti-Semitic and Racist Police Officer Unmasked

Officer Aaron Paul Nichols, with the Springfield Police Department, placed on leave for posting racists and anti-Semitic comments on social media.
Aaron Paul Nichols


Nazi Hunters Dox Police Officer

(IL) – Another police officer’s hate and bigotry on social media has been outed. The Anonymous Comrades Collective, a group who exposes Nazis, racists and fascists, appears to have identified another police officer engaging in hate. According to the ACC, Police Officer Aaron Paul Nichols, with the Springfield Police Department, has been linked to multiple accounts.

I don’t believe they tell exactly how they know the accounts belong to Aaron Nichols. That wouldn’t be surprising. They wouldn’t want to give away their secrets on how they find people. However, they do show how the accounts link between each other, and they also show multiple posts where he says he is a police officer.

Officer Expresses Hatred of Black People

The messages posted number in the tens of thousands. They include hate against Blacks, Jews and homosexuals. The writer even refers to his youngest son as “sort of a pansy”. Unsurprisingly, Officer Nichols feels the men who hunted down and killed Ahmaud Arbery did nothing wrong. He also enjoys using the N-word as often as he can. Comments about Black people attributed to Officer Nichols include the following:

Screen shots of a sampling of what can be found on Twitter account @AnonCommieStan,

“I’m really sick of pretending that anything other than a tiny minority of blacks are people.”

“I’m the police. I’m easier on blacks because it’s unfair to hold them to white standards they can’t possibly meet.”

“My wife tried to tell me that I’m not allowed to say “(N-word)” when my oldest son’s girlfriend is visiting. Haha, wrong.”

“Why would you enter into a contract with ShotSpotter when you know it’s just stupid (N-word) shooting stupid (N-word)?”

Officer’s Worst Hatred is for Jews

Police officer Nichols is a racist, but his anti-Semitism is even stronger. As you would expect, he is a Holocaust denier. He also refers to Hitler as “the most maligned man in history.” Here are additional  screen shots on Twitter account @AnonCommieStan regarding Jews,

“Goebbels was absolutely correct about jews.”

“I am a supporter of as many holocausts as it takes to cleanse this world of talmudic influence.”


“If I found a genie and I had one wish? The jews would be a distant memory within 72 hours.” 

Terroristic Threat?

It’s unlikely that no one knows about Officer Nichols’ beliefs. The major problem that law enforcement has is turning a blind eye to their personnel issues. Is it because those beliefs are pervasive? More than likely, but there are still those who know that people like Nichols will hurt all officers. If that’s not enough to encourage them to look at the radicals, they should think about the following comment he posted.

“I’ve never had the desire to be anything but a patrolman. I don’t need the extra money, and I supervised kids for 20 years in the mil. I work at a very political dept. Occasionally the infighting touches me and affects my day. They better hope I’m never diagnosed terminal.”

Internal Affairs Investigation

An internal affairs investigation was immediately started. 46-year old Aaron Paul Nichols has been with the police department for fifteen years. “The officer has since been placed on unpaid administrative leave and his police powers removed.”

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