Arrogant Sheriff Convicted for Misconduct for Refusing to Book Sexual Abuser

Sheriff Karl Dailey, of Dawes County, Nebraska, was convicted of official misconduct for refusing to allow a rapist in his jail
Sheriff Karl Dailey

Sheriff Refuses to Take Responsibility for His Horrible Conduct

(NE) – Sheriff Karl Dailey, of Dawes County, was found guilty of the minor charge of Official Misconduct. The May 5 conviction was for his tantrum and unbelievable arrogance during a serious crime. Even though this is a minimal charge, Sheriff Dailey’s “attorney has indicated they will appeal the conviction.”

The altercation between Sheriff Dailey and the Nebraska State Police occurred on July 21, 2019, when an alert went out about a sighting of a man who was suspected in the kidnapping of a Lakota woman. The woman had been missing for nine days and was believed to be in serious danger.

According to the Star Herald,

During the investigation, Tim Lordino, then-Chadron Police chief, directed a sergeant with his department to notify the Nebraska State Patrol and the Dawes County Sheriff’s Department for assistance. Both agencies were contacted…

But it doesn’t appear the message was passed to the sheriff.

Sheriff Throws a Tantrum, Fights with other Law Enforcement Agencies

A State trooper went to a hotel where the kidnapped women had been to investigate the crime scene. A Dawes County deputy watched from her police vehicle, but did not get out to help the trooper in the investigation. She did relay what was happening to the sheriff.

Sheriff Dailey felt slighted and was extremely angry. He informed the State police that he would not accept the man into his jail. Dailey went on a profanity laced rant that was caught on an officer’s body cam and was submitted into evidence.


Judge Randin Rollin, in rejecting a motion during the trial to dismiss the charge against Dailey, saying “it’s very obvious in simple terms, the sheriff was pissed off” – that Dailey himself said on tape it was his way of saying “f-You.”

Sheriff Dailey Lies in Court

Sheriff Karl Dailey tried to claim that he would not accept the individual because of his medical condition. However, his previous statement shows that was a lie. According to the Rapid City Journal,

Though Dailey asserted he would not accept Sierra due to medical condition or high risk status, the court ruled the evidence proves otherwise. Dailey had not even seen Sierra, and Sierra had not been medically examined, prior to the sheriff’s advising the jail wouldn’t accept him. 

And the Star Herald,

In making his ruling, Roland said evidence before the court showed that Daily had already indicated he would not accept Sierra into custody before any claims of injuries existed. In an interview cited in the ruling, Daily had “even admitted that ‘technically’ he thought he should have taken Mr. Sierra at the Dawes County Jail” and made comments that he had intentionally not accepted the prisoner as retaliation.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

Native Americans (in this case, a Lakota), face domestic violence, assault, and sexual abuse at higher rates then other women. They also go missing, most likely murdered, at higher rates. Below are the bare minimum details of the crimes committed by the man Sheriff Dailey would not take into custody.

21-year old Ester Wolfe was terrified because her ex-boyfriend was getting out of jail. She had reason to be scared. Once out, Jesse Sierra, along with his brother Dustin, kidnapped Ester. They had her for nine days during which they traveled from place to place. That made this a multi-jurisdictional crime.

While the brothers had her, Ester was repeatedly beaten, raped, strangled into unconsciousness, and tortured. At one point, Jesse dug a grave and forced Ester to lay in it. He told her if she wanted to stay alive, she needed “to tell the police she was safe.” Ester was forced to call the police and tell them she was fine. Fortunately, her family did not stop looking for her.

Family of Missing Woman Begin Investigating

Ester’s family didn’t feel any of the law enforcement agencies were making a valid effort to find Ester. They knew she was last seen with Jesse Sierra and they knew what vehicle he had been driving. Ester was in such bad shape that Jesse and Dustin decided to take her to a hospital. Jesse warned Ester that they would be waiting at the McDonald’s and that she better come out in two hours. Ester told hospital personnel about the threats Sierra made against them if she didn’t come out. The hospital went into lockdown and called the police.

Meanwhile, Ester’s family heard that Jesse’s vehicle had been spotted at the McDonald’s. When they arrived, they saw Jesse Sierra running from the McDonald’s toward the hospital. Ester’s family members chased him, tackled him in a field, and held him for police.

Ester “was dropped off at a Chadron hospital with broken ribs and a fractured jaw, swollen eyes, red and inflamed eyeballs, and “severe bruising” to her face, neck and body, the affidavit says.”

This is the criminal that Sheriff Karl Dailey blew off because he felt he wasn’t treated with enough importance. This is the crime that Sheriff Dailey ignored out of retaliation against other law enforcement agencies. This man should not be sheriff.

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