Bexar County Deputies Arrested for Drugs and Assault

Officer Kolbe A. Count Ramirez, with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, for attempting to smuggle drugs into the jail
Kolbe A. Count Ramirez – KSAT/BCSO

Officer Attempts to Smuggle Drugs Into Jail

(TX) – Officers at the Bexar County jail became suspicious when they heard an inmate speaking in code on a phone call. An investigation was conducted. The investigators found that 21-year old Deputy Kolbe Ramirez was attempting to smuggle drugs into the Bexar County jail. During the criminal investigation it was discovered that Deputy Ramirez had both real and synthetic marijuana in his vehicle.

Deputy Ramirez “was arrested on three charges, which include criminal conspiracy to commit substances in a correctional facility , possession of a controlled substance, and possession of marijuana.”

Officer Arrested for Assaulting Inmate

Officer Ivan Torres, with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, was arrested for assaulting an inmate
Ivan Torres – KSAT/BCSO

(TX) – Less than a week before Deputy Kolbe Ramirez was arrested, another Bexar County deputy was arrested. Deputy Ivan Torres admitted to punching an inmate in the face. According to Sheriff Salazar’s press conference (see News 4 video),

“The deputy attacked the inmate and began punching him in the face. He took him to the ground, and on the way down to the ground, the inmate impacted with a couple of metal bunks that were there.”

The arrest warrant “states that the inmate struck his head on the corner of a metal bunk, causing cuts to his face, before hitting the back of his head on another bunk and landing on the floor.”

Deputy Torres became angry when the inmate refused to comply with his commands. According to Sheriff Salazar, even Torres admits that the inmate’s hands were down by his sides. “Ivan Torres, 31, is charged with official oppression and assault. His bond is set at $20,000, records show.”

Grand Jury Indicts Former Bexar County Deputy

Officer Armando Trevino, with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, was indicted on multiple charges
Armando Trevino – KSAT/BCSO

(TX) – It took a while, but a grand jury has finally indicted a former deputy. In 2019, an individual contacted the  Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. The person stated that a deputy would be making a drug buy with the intent to take the drugs into the jail. The deputy was Armando Trevino.

Deputy Trevino was placed under surveillance. According to Sheriff Salazar,

“The surveillance team observed a narcotics transaction taking place, and they swooped in and placed both under arrest. The deputy was in uniform at the time of his arrest, and he had a weapon present, although he is not a peace officer. It was pretty clear to everybody that he was on his way to work to smuggle these drugs into the Bexar County Jail, but we placed him under arrest before that could be completed.”

33-year old Armando Trevino was charged with “engaging in criminal activity, bribery, prohibited substances and items in a correctional facility, and three drug possession charges.”

May appears to have been an active month for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

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