Bexar County Inmate Commits Suicide

Inmate Ryan Oshea committed suicide
Ryan Oshea

Inmate Arrested for Family Violence Commits Suicide

(TX) – An inmate at the Bexar County Jail, Ryan Oshea, committed suicide early Thursday morning. Mr. Oshea was in jail on a charge of Assault Bodily Injury-Family/House. His bail bond had been set at $1,000. Oshea was arrested on a warrant out of Wilson County for the crime. Having a bail bond amount means he could have gotten out if someone posted his bond, but it appears no one did.

Oshea was arrested on January 13 and was taken to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office for processing. Since his bond wasn’t posted, he probably has been waiting to be extradited to Wilson County. No information was given as to why Wilson County had not picked him up yet.

Personnel Unable to Save Inmate

A deputy, who was in the process of passing out food trays, found Oshea. No information has been given regarding how Oshea attempted to kill himself. The deputy called a code and medical personnel arrived, followed shortly by EMS. All attempts to revive the 35-year old man were unsuccessful. Within 23 minutes of being found, Mr. Oshea was pronounced dead by EMS. That’s an amazingly fast response time for everyone involved. Unfortunately, everything they tried didn’t save Ryan Oshea.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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