Bexar County Sheriff’s Firearms Instructor Arrested for Indecent Assault

Firearms Instructor Groped Female Cadets

Deputy Toribio Gutierrez, with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, was arrested for indecent assault after groping female cadets
Toribio Gutierrez

(TX) – Deputy Toribio Gutierrez was arrested on Tuesday on charges of Indecent Assault and Official Oppression. Deputy Gutierrez has been with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office since 1997 and has been the firearms instructor for five years.

The Sheriff’s Office began its criminal investigation into the allegations in March. According to KSAT 12,

Gutierrez is accused of groping at least one female cadet through her clothing during a training, Salazar said. He also made inappropriate comments, asking female cadets for their personal social media information.

When he was rejected, Gutierrez allegedly responded, “you want to graduate, don’t you,” according to Salazar.

Misogyny Rampant at the Sheriff’s Office

Google defines misogyny as the “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.” It’s never been easy for women in law enforcement, but female officers, and civilians, have it particularly bad at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Five female cadets were sexually harassed and intimidated, yet none of them felt comfortable enough to report it. What does that say about the environment they are working in? Fortunately a male deputy witnessed the sexual harassment and reported it. (Hat tip to a good cop).

Sheriff Salazar said it was “infuriating” to hear about what Gutierrez did. Then Salazar said, “Parents need to know that their young cadets are safe with our deputies.” What a stunning comment. He doesn’t even realize he is infantilizing the female cadets. This statement shows he doesn’t see them as capable adults. Instead, he sees them as children who need their parents to fix their problems for them. You don’t ever hear Salazar speaking about the men this way. Even if he’s mad at a male deputy, he’ll still speak in a manner that acknowledges the man is an adult.

Attitude comes from the top down and this is a perfect example of why female employees at the BCSO are treated so poorly.

Lt. Roxanne Mathai, with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, was fired for haviLt. Roxanne Mathai, with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, was fired for having an inappropriate relationship with an inmateng an inappropriate relationship with an inmate
Roxanne Mathai

Lieutenant Fired for Inappropriate Relationship with Inmate

(TX) – Lt. Roxanne Mathai, with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, has been in the news before. She was part of the mob that was at the Capitol on January 6. That is still being investigated by the FBI. I have no sympathy for any of those people. I believe everyone who was there are traitors and belong in jail.

That aside, I feel this is another example of the misogyny at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. I have to point out the difference in how the she was treated, compared to the men.

Lt. Mathai was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate. The two sides are giving us vastly different versions of what happened. The best we can determine is that Mathai received “messages from someone she believed was in jail and using a contraband cellphone.” What I want to point out is that she was not charged with a crime. The allegations against her were being investigated. Regardless, she was placed on administrative leave in October of 2020, while the BCSO investigated the allegations.

Compare that to Deputy Gutierrez (above). He was allowed to continue working while his case was being investigated. The BCSO did move him over to the Courthouse, but he was able to continue earning a paycheck. Then there’s Eduardo Sanchez. He’s the officer that used handcuffs like brass knuckles and may have permanently blinded an inmate in one eye. Sheriff Salazar has that assault causing bodily injury on video. Sanchez was also allowed to continue working until he was arrested.

Deputies Don’t Arrest Police Officer in Domestic Violence Incident

(TX) – Luis Cordova, with the San Antonio Police Department, was fired in February. Cordova is accused of grabbing his estranged wife by the neck and shoving her aside, then striking her boyfriend. Luis Cordova is a city police officer; however, the incident happened in Bexar County’s jurisdiction. Deputies arrived, but even though they were informed of the circumstances, they did not arrest Cordova.

Per KSAT 12, the suspension papers say, “Cordova’s actions resulted in a criminal complaint filed against him for assault (causing bodily injury).” Why didn’t the Bexar County deputies arrest Luis Cordova? Was this a case of trying to protect a fellow officer? Was it a case of feeling the woman got what she deserved? Maybe some of both?

The boyfriend has since died in a car crash. Officer Cordova is fighting for his job back. The criminal investigation is in shambles, because it wasn’t handled properly from the start. The BCSO even appears to be trying to blame the victim. “On Tuesday, BCSO Public Information Officer Deputy Johnny Garcia said the male victim in the case didn’t follow up or receive medical attention for the assault, making the investigation more difficult.”

It’s highly likely that Cordova will get his job back because of the failures by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Javier Salazar has a lot to answer for.

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