Chicago Police Superintendent Recommends Termination of Sergeant Over Botched Raid

Photo of Anjanette Young being detained during a botched police raid
Anjanette Young – WTTW News via Ja’Mal Green

Investigations Determine Sergeant Violated Policy

(IL) – Three different investigations have been conducted on the botched police raid overseen by Sergeant Alex Wolinski, of the Chicago Police Department.

In the 2019 raid, police officers used a battering ram to enter Anjanette Young’s apartment. She was placed in handcuffs while naked. Ms. Young repeatedly told the police officers they had the wrong address. Not only did Sergeant Wolinski ignore her, but he refused to allow other officers to take the handcuffs off of Ms. Young, even after they determined they had the wrong address.

An internal affairs investigation is more than likely one of the investigations that was conducted into the incident. In addition, “Former Inspector General Joseph Ferguson sent a 163-page report detailing his probe into the botched raid and its aftermath to Lightfoot just hours before leaving office.” Mayor Lightfoot has, so far, refused to release that report. The investigation that is getting the most attention is the one conducted by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA). COPA recommended “Wolinski be suspended or removed from the police department.”

Superintendent Brown released a document citing eight policy violations that Sergeant Wolinski committed, along with his agreement with COPA that Sergeant Wolinsky should be terminated.

Egregious Police Misconduct

Sergeant Alex Wolinski may have been the supervising sergeant during the raid, conducted due to a search warrant, but he wasn’t the only sergeant on the scene. Sergeant Cory Petracco is also listed in the COPA findings, as having a large amount of culpability.

In all, “COPA detailed evidence that nearly a dozen officers committed nearly 100 acts of misconduct during the raid of Young’s home.” Almost 100 hundred acts of police misconduct! Two sergeants were on the scene and neither one took the appropriate actions dictated by department policy to ensure the raid was being conducted properly.

Ms. Young was treated with extreme disrespect and her dignity was stripped from her. What makes this even worse, is that the police officer who requested the warrant, Officer Alain Aporongao, knew that was not the location the subject resided at. They took the word of an unidentified informant without any further validation.

Civil Lawsuit Filed

Ms. Young hired a civil attorney to represent her, and rightly so. Police officers did shoddy work in getting the search warrant. They then broke into Ms. Young’s apartment. Ms. Young was left naked and handcuffed in front of several male officers while she pleaded with them to believe her that they had the wrong address. The handcuffs were left on even after they knew it was the wrong address. When Ms. Young asked to see the search warrant, it was not presented to her.

Both Ms. Young and her attorney attempted to come to a settlement with the City of Chicago, who they believed was intending to deal fairly with them. However, negotiations broke down when mediators threatened to file a motion to dismiss in an attempt to force Ms. Young to accept their offer.

Police Union Comments On Termination Recommendation

Unsurprisingly, the Fraternal Order of Police (the police union) threw a tantrum when Superintendent Brown recommended termination for Sergeant Wolinsky, even though it was the same consequences COPA recommended. The police union appeared to be highly offended at police officers having to face consequences for their actions. The FOP Facebook page called for the termination of Superintendent Brown. Fortunately, no one cares what they say.

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