Constable Serves Writ of Possession, Threatens to Kill Homeowner

Constable Danny Cope, with Kenton County, arrested on felony charges after improperly attempting to serve a civil warrant
Danny Cope

Kenton County Constable Arrested

(KY) – Danny Cope, with the Kenton County Constable’s Office, was arrested on May 20. The arrest stemmed from a March 12 incident in which Cope attempted to serve a writ of possession. Kentucky gives constables authority within their jurisdiction, but not outside of it. Cope was trying to serve the writ of possession in Boone County. By law, he had no authority to act as a peace officer in Boone County.

A locksmith was part of the group with Constable Cope. The locksmith used his skills to pick the lock at the location so Cope could enter the apartment. The homeowner, who did not believe Cope was a law enforcement officer, tried to block the door. Cope shoved his gun into the opening and said  “I will kill you.” Cope forced his way in. The homeowner called 911 and went into his bedroom. Cope followed him there and point pepper spray at him until police officers arrived.

Writ of Possession

A writ of possession is to take back control over property. It is normally the document that is used in an eviction. However, in this case, it was being used to retrieve property. The homeowner had used a furniture rental company for some items, but had not made his payments. In this case, the writ of possession was for the retrieval of a television, a sofa, and four pillows. That is what Constable Cope was threatening to kill a person over.

No Law Enforcement Training

Constables in Texas are required to be peace officers. That means they are certified as law enforcement officers. That is not the case in Kentucky. In Kentucky, constables do not need any law enforcement training. (See news video here). This is mind-boggling. It’s also why they have a problem with police misconduct among constables. In one case, a constable had to be investigated after he shot an FBI agent.

Criminal Investigation

The criminal investigation recommended one felony charge and two misdemeanor charges. Constable Danny Cope was arrested for wanton endangerment, which is the felony. He was also arrested for unlawful imprisonment and official misconduct, both misdemeanors. Cope is out of jail after paying $1,000 for his bail bond.’s video is not working. You can watch it here.

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