Criminal Investigation Into Possession of Child Pornography by Police Officer, Continues

Officer David Jay Behney, with the Miami-Dade Police Department, was arrested for possession of child pornography
David Jay Behney


Police Officer Arrested on 19 Counts of Child Porn

(FL) – Officer David Jay Behney, with the Miami-Dade Police Department, was arrested on April 7. He was charged with “19 counts of possession of material showing sexual performance by a child.” The arrest started with a cyber tip to the Miami-Dade Police Department. Kik (social media) noted the uploads of child pornography and reported it. A preliminary criminal investigation was initiated.

Detectives subpoenaed information from Kik and received the videos that had been uploaded. The eleven videos were of young females who appeared to be under the age of thirteen. The videos showed the children engaged in various sexual acts. An arrest and search warrant was issued for David Jay Behney. Detectives confiscated Mr. Behney’s phone and found an additional eight videos on it. Those videos were of children who appeared to be under eight years old.

Social Media Red Flags

33-year old David Jay Behney may have been caught because of the videos, but there were other indicators of his preferences. Behney friended several accounts whose usernames let him know what they were interested in. Per the arrest warrant, those names included youngboyfifteen, hornypedofucker, littlevirginhole, and cheesepizzalover. According to the warrant, the term ‘cheese pizza’ is often used as code for child pornography.

Nothing made any mention of the user name that Mr. Behney used, but I’m curious. He went by the name Heavy88D. Eighty eight is favored by neo-Nazis. “H” is the eighth letter in the alphabet. For neo-Nazis, 88 corresponds with HH which they take to mean “heil Hitler.” I wonder if using that number was just a coincidence or if there is more to be found in his background?

Defense Attorney has an Uphill Battle

As a police officer, David Jay Behney knows he has the right to remain silent. Instead, he began cooperating with the detectives. He did eventually stop, probably at the instruction of his defense attorney. But at his bail bond hearing, Behney tried to speak again. He was immediately shut down by his defense attorney. “Mr Behney, please don’t make any statements.”

Behney’s defense attorney may have stopped him from incriminating himself further, but the damage is probably already done. Mr. Behney had already spoken to the the detectives when they were searching his house. In addition, the detectives have evidence that links back to Behney’s IP address. They also have the evidence from his cell phone. A phone that they can show, by the other content, was in his possession.

Behney Placed on Suicide Watch

Behney was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. At his bail bond hearing, the judge ruled that Behney could not have a weapon, could not be in the presence of children, including his own, and would have his passport confiscated. She set his bond at $95,000. The criminal investigation is continuing and more charges could be added. Even if there are no more charges, Behney knows he will probably go to jail.,

Behney was being held on $95,000 bond, $5,000 for each count of child pornography possession. He posted bond and was expected to be released from jail on Friday evening, but a corrections officer said he threatened to take his own life and was placed on suicide watch.

The corrections officer said they have called a doctor to evaluate Behney.

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