Deputies Strike Black Man Over 80 Times During Traffic Stop


Civil Lawsuit Filed After Vicious Assault by Deputies

Christopher Bailey was severely beaten by 6-7 Los Angeles County deputies. He has filed a civil lawsuit.
Christopher Bailey – photo from Inside Edition video

(CA) – At 2:00 in the morning on May 4, 2020, Christopher Bailey was heading home from work. Mr. Bailey works sorting mail for a company that contracts with the United States Postal Service. Bailey was pulled over by two Los Angeles County deputies for “allegedly straddling the lanes.” According to Bailey, he complied with all commands. When he was told to get out of the vehicle he did, and that’s when the assault began.

CBS states civil rights attorney, Toni Jaramilla, said

Bailey never resisted and was unarmed during the assault, which started with the two deputies that initially pulled him over. She said a total of eight deputies were involved by the time Bailey was taken to the hospital, seven of whom she said injured him.

Felony Charges Filed Against Mr. Bailey

The officer’s report states that Mr. Bailey was resisting arrest. He was charged with three counts of felony resisting arrest. We don’t know what is happening on the law enforcement and judicial side. No one will give any information due to the pending litigation. What we do know is that the felony charges were dropped.

Excessive Force Used by Deputies

It doesn’t matter what the officers say happened. There is no justification for the amount of force that was used.,

“He sustained 64 to 86 total body and face hits. He was pummeled in the face approximately 35 to 44 times,” attorney Toni Jaramilla said during a news conference.

Also in the KTLA article,

“Mr. Bailey recalls that he heard deputies say, ‘Pull his pants down,’ and he could feel tugging in his pants, and he was Tasered in the lower abdomen near his groin area.”

Christopher Bailey has scars on his abdomen from being drive stunned with a taser. He has had several surgeries that have attempted to restore his vision in his left eye. So far, they have been unsuccessful. Multiple bones in Bailey’s face were broken and teeth were knocked out. All the while, Mr. Bailey was begging for his life.

Law Enforcement Training with Tasers

Law enforcement officers are taught that there are two ways to use tasers. The first is using the probes to incapacitate the person. The voltage causes the person’s muscles to lock up so he can’t move. The second method is pain compliance. Drive stun causes a tremendous amount of pain, but does not stop the person from moving. (You can watch a good, short video on drive stunning here).

NMI (neuro muscular incapacitation) is used at a distance. Two probes are shot into the suspect. The voltage needs to complete a circuit to work. That means if one probe misses, the officer has to use the taser to complete the circuit to cause incapacitation.

Drive stunning is done up close. The cartridge that holds the probes can be removed and the bare prongs on the taser can be used instead. When a person is drive stunned, it does NOT incapacitate them. Officers are trying to get a person to comply by using pain. I’ve never really understood this. A person will move more, and probably more aggressively, in an attempt to get away from the pain. Officers would interpret that as resisting. Seems like a ‘set up for failure’ process to me.

It is unlikely that the officers attempted to incapacitate Mr. Bailey. That’s a distance method and they were already on top of him, assaulting him. They chose to apply pain beyond the beating they were giving.

As a side note, I have never heard of law enforcement training stating officers should pull a suspect’s pants down.

Civil Lawsuit Claims Excessive Force

The civil lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department claims excessive force was used. It sure sounds like they have a very good case. We haven’t heard law enforcement’s side. However, the D.A. dropping the resisting arrest charges does not bode well for the deputies. Mr. Bailey doesn’t want just compensation. He wants the officers to be criminally charged. Los Angeles County has a poor track record of holding their officers accountable. We’ll see what happens.

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