Did Los Angeles Police Murder Coworker?

Officer Houston Tipping
Officer Houston Tipping – LAPD

Police Officer Dies After Assault by Other Officers

(CA) – It “was supposed to be bicycle training.” No one has yet explained why a bicycle training exercise morphed into a simulated mob attack exercise, but supposedly, that’s what happened. On May 26, Officer Houston Tipping was beaten by fellow officers during a training exercise. His injuries were so severe that drastic measures were taken at the hospital. The highly active 32-year-old was left a quadriplegic dependent on oxygen to survive.

The Los Angeles Police Department rushed to claim it was an accident and praised the officers (who beat Tipping?) for their life-saving efforts. According to the press release put out by Chief Moore of the LAPD:  “Officer Tipping fell to the floor and suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury.”

Officer Houston Tipping was taken off life-support and died on May 29.

Severe Injuries Lead to Questions

Washington Post,

In an interview, Gage said Tipping suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs, a damaged liver and a severe head wound. His spinal cord was broken in three places, which caused permanent paralysis and led surgeons to fuse seven vertebrae together to stabilize his spine, the lawyer added.

That’s an unbelievable amount of damage to sustain from a fall. The medical examiner finally released the autopsy report. In it he claims the death was an accident. According to the medical examiner, “the suspicious injuries revealed in the autopsy were sustained during attempts to save his life.” 

KTLA 75,

The coroner’s report said Tipping did have other injuries, but they were caused by efforts to save his life. They included a cut on his scalp from a clamp used during surgery and fractured ribs that appeared related to efforts to resuscitate him.

Why would a clamp cut Tipping’s scalp? He would have been under anesthesia which includes a muscle relaxant that keeps you from being able to move. There wouldn’t have been convulsions. It doesn’t make sense that the clamp would cause a cut.

Police Officer Under Investigation for Gang Rape

There is currently a criminal investigation of four Los Angeles police officers, for gang rape. The victim said the officers were in uniform when they raped her. Their uniforms had their name tags so she was able to give their names. The officer who took the incident report was Officer Houston Tipping. The name of one of the officers who was involved in the training exercise that resulted in Tipping’s death, matches the name of one of the officers being investigated for the sexual assault of the woman.

Lawyer Feels it was Murder

The lawyer for the Tipping family feels Houston Tipping was murdered. He currently does not have proof that the name of the officer accused of rape is the same person who assaulted Tipping, but indicates that his investigation shows it is the same person.


“I’m certainly alleging that at least one officer engaged in an abuse of force in order to try and scare or harm Officer Tipping in order to prevent him from investigating a claim of rape,” the lawyer, Bradley Gage, said at a Monday press conference.

Everyone knows that CPR can cause injuries such as broken ribs. Suppose an officer wanted revenge against another officer. Could he injure the targeted officer, then under the guise of trying to save his life, intentionally cause more injuries? It’s just a thought, but it seems it would be a very easy thing to do.

Family Moves Forward with Lawsuit

The Tipping family has begun the process of filing a civil rights lawsuit for wrongful death. They claim that Houston Tipping was the victim of an assault and battery. Their lawyer, Bradley Gage, is trying to get more information, but claims he is being blocked.

“Gage said he’s tried to contact every officer he believes was at the May 26 training, without much luck. Some say they’ve been ordered not to talk, while others said they need to hire a lawyer first, he said.”

He also does not have faith in the medical examiner’s conclusion and wants the autopsy photos. No matter how this ends, it’s bound to be ugly.

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