Extremist Deputy Who Bragged about Beating Black Man, Arrested on Federal Charges

Deputy Cody Richard Griggers, with the Wilkinson County Sheriff's Office was arrested for federal gun violations
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FBI Investigation Leads to Wilkinson County Deputy

(GA) – While conducting an investigation, the FBI discovered frequent messages being passed between their subject (Zamudio) and another individual. That other individual turned out to be Cody Richard Griggers, a deputy with the Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office. Both individuals were members of a hate group and were encouraging violence and praising Nazis.

FBI agents uncovered a significant amount of information, through pictures and texts posted by Griggers. That information showed Deputy Griggers involved in criminal activities. Griggers discussed his ability and willingness to make suppressors (silencers) and triggers to make weapons fully automatic. He also showed pictures of himself with weapons that were not registered.

Extremist Deputy Went Way Beyond Police Misconduct

We hear plenty of police misconduct that comes in the form of police brutality, but what Griggers was doing went beyond that. Yes, there was the usual racism. Griggers bragged about his excessive force on a Black man (he used a racial slur) saying it was “sweet stress relief.” And Griggers says something else that we all know is happening, but that you don’t hear law enforcement admitting to; going after voting rights.

According to CBS News,

Griggers also stated that he intended to charge Black people with felonies in order to keep them from voting: “It’s a sign of beautiful things to come. Also I’m going to charge them with whatever felonies I can to take away their ability to vote.”

Griggers goes even further than that. He wasn’t acting as a member of law enforcement. He went in as a spy hoping to find out who didn’t back his cause and to try to steal law enforcement level weapons.

Per CBS News,

The former deputy also spoke extensively about making suppressors and fully automatic weapons as well as about a theoretical civil war and killing liberal politicians. He said he would use his position in law enforcement to see if his department would be “siding with the enemy or not,” and to get firearms. 

While society is trying to weed out the bad officers and keep the good ones, he is trying to find those good officers and report them to his group as enemies.

Extremists Talked about Another Civil War

Zamudio and Griggers talked about wanting bombs and to kill people. Like most white supremacists, all minorities and everyone who does not believe in their message, was the enemy. The complaint quotes Griggers talking about killing liberals and framing Muslims or n****** for it. According to the complaint (pg 13) he wanted to get people to “focus on the shit brown of their skin(the real problem).” Just the color of a person’s skin sets this man off.

Grigger’s hate is so great that he said, “I think it might be best to fight the next generation. Castrate, kill, remove voting rights, and also educate the population. Basically kill and fuck the enemy out of existence.” (Page 13 of the complaint).

Arrested for Federal Crimes

Per Cali.fm,

On November 19, 2020, agents executed a search warrant at Griggers’ residence and searched his Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office duty vehicle. Inside his duty vehicle, officers found multiple firearms, including a machinegun with an obliterated serial number. The machinegun was not issued to the defendant, and he was not allowed to have the weapon in his law enforcement car. An unregistered short barrel shotgun was found in his home. In all, between the defendant’s residence and duty vehicle, officers found 11 illegal firearms.

On Monday, 28-year old Griggers pled guilty to one count of possession of an unregistered firearm. The maximum penalty for that charge is 10 years and up to a $250,000 fine, plus three years of probation after he is out of prison. The judge will determine his sentence at his next hearing which is on July 6.

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