Family Violence Victim Accidentally Shot, Killed by Police Officers

Police Chief William McManus
Police Chief William McManus

San Antonio Police Department Scrambling for Answers

(TX) – The San Antonio Police Department is trying to find out why the victim of family violence ended up being the person shot and killed by police officers. On Monday evening, the relatives of Angel Sanchez called the police, saying Sanchez was suicidal and was also threatening to kill his common-law wife. Police arrived and determined it was a hostage situation.

Sanchez was armed with a shotgun and kept coming outside then going back in. At one point, he even taunted officers, possibly in an attempt to commit suicide by cop. 29-year old Neida Tijerina came out one time and police tried to get her to leave the apartment. According to Police Chief William McManus, “She wouldn’t leave because her children were still inside.”

Sanchez exited the apartment again and pointed the shotgun at officers. Three police officers, who were positioned on the roof of an apartment building, opened fire. Sanchez was hit but will survive. “Police then found Tijerina dead inside the home. She had died from a gunshot wound, McManus said.” The three children in the apartment were not harmed.

Suspect Cut Off His GPS Monitor

Angel Sanchez had a long criminal history. He was waiting to go to trial for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. That case is what lead to the order that he must wear a GPS monitor. Six days prior to the shooting, Sanchez cut off the GPS monitor and a warrant was issued. But the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon case wasn’t even his most recent arrest. According to,

Sanchez was released recently from the Bexar County jail on bonds involving multiple charges including attempted arson, harassment of a public servant, attempted burglary with intent to commit assault, and resisting arrest, all of which appear to stem from an incident on May 7.

There is no arguing that Sanchez was a violent and troubled person.

Bexar County District Attorney’s Office will Investigate Shooting

The police chief said that the San Antonio Police Department would conduct two investigations. Chief McManus also said a third investigation would be conducted by the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office. The two investigations he is talking about would be a criminal investigation and an internal affairs investigation. One investigation would determine if the officers committed a crime, the other would determine if they violated policy. Having the D.A.’s Office conduct a third investigation is somewhat helpful ,since no one would trust the results of an agency investigating itself, but I suspect people will be disappointed with the determination the District Attorney’s Office eventually makes.

It’s obvious the officers were not trying to shoot Neida Tijerina. We don’t know what type of weapons they were using and we don’t know how many times they fired. Regardless, it seems, at least to me, there may have been some negligence. They did know that there were children, and at least one adult, in the apartment behind Sanchez. And I think we can make a reasonable assumption that they knew the penetration capabilities of the weapons they were shooting. What did they think would happen if they missed Sanchez? When are we going to stop acting like bullets disappear in a puff of smoke if they miss their target?

The District Attorney’s Office is going to see that Sanchez raised his weapon and pointed it at officers. I suspect they will determine that officers were justified in using deadly force. The death of Neida Tijerina will just be considered another tragic accident. That will ensure that nothing changes and change needs to happen. (We have not forgotten you Kameron Prescott).

Felony Charges Filed Against Angel Sanchez

28-year old Angel Sanchez was in critical condition after being shot by police officers. He was taken to the hospital and was “booked by proxy on three counts of aggravated assault of a peace officer.” With all the charges he already has against him, I doubt he cares about three more. The three children without the mother who obviously loved them, will be the ones who suffer.

KSAT 12 has a news video and a video of the press conference given by Police Chief McManus on their site. Click here to see them.

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