Federal Prosecutors Target Retired FBI Agent for Swindling Texas Woman

Ex FBI Agent Indicted on Eleven Criminal Charges

A retired FBI agent out of the Dallas field office, was indicted for defrauding a woman out of $800,000
William Roy Stone

(TX) – Retired FBI Agent, William Roy Stone Jr., has been federally charged with multiple crimes related to fraud. According to the Department of Justice press release,

William Roy Stone, Jr., 62, was indicted Tuesday on seven counts of wire fraud, one count of wire fraud conspiracy, one count of false impersonation of a federal officer, one count of engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from unlawful activity, and one count of false statements to law enforcement.

Stone was indicted on May 25. He went before U.S. Magistrate Judge Rebecca Rutherford for his initial appearance on May 28.

Theft by Deception

The criminal investigation by the Department of Justice determined that William Stone defrauded a woman out of $800,00. The scheme went on “for more than three and a half years.” Mr. Stone portrayed himself as an active FBI agent and used that to establish credibility. He convinced the woman that “she was under “secret probation” for drug crimes.” Stone then claimed she “was obligated to pay any expenses Mr. Stone incurred while supervising her, and was forbidden from disclosing her probation status to anyone. If she did not comply with the terms of this probation, Mr. Stone said, she would risk imprisonment and the loss of her children.”

The victim was repeatedly threatened with prison time and losing her children. Terrified, she complied with his demands.

Criminal Conspiracy

If the allegations prove to be true, this was a planned criminal conspiracy. The victim “had recently inherited money from a grandmother.” Within a month of retiring, Stone began his theft by deception scheme. He moved the scheme into a criminal conspiracy when he got at least one other person to help him.

Note: C.T. is the victim whose identity is being protected.

Per NBC News,

He told her he could monitor her cellphone communications, placed “spoof” calls to C.T. while pretending to be a judge monitoring her case and had someone else place fake calls claiming to be from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the indictment said.

The second person has not been identified.

DOJ Releases Minimal Information

Federal law enforcement agencies tend to release as little information as possible. We don’t know what type, if any, relationship there was between the two. They haven’t told us how he knew about her inheritance or how they found out about the fraud. And we don’t know who the person was who helped him.

62-year old William Stone retired in October of 2015. He began defrauding the victim in November of 2015. It appears he spent the next 3 1/2 plus years enriching himself through deception, threats, and fraud. The scariest part is that he told the victim he could make her problems go away if she would marry him. Would he have just raided her funds then divorced her if she had married him? Or would she have had a tragic accident?

“If convicted, he faces up to 178 years in federal prison.”

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