Inmate Hide and Seek

The Bexar County Jail is having to house inmates at outside facilities due to a lack of personnel.  Inmates had been being house at Burnet County Jail but they have been moved to Live Oak County.  Burnet County was a private facility.  It seems there were some problems with this business transaction resulting with the Bexar County inmates being moved.

This is a hardship for the families of these inmates.  We, at this publication, feel that Commissioners Court, in their attempt to hurt the Sheriff’s Office, are doing a disservice to the members of our community.  If Commissioners Court had not taken away the funds that paid for 100 officers the Sheriff’s Office would still have those officers and these inmates could be housed here in Bexar County.  We encourage Commissioners Court to get back to thinking of our community.  Release the funds to pay for those officers so families can easily visit their families and that money can circulate in our community rather than Live Oak’s community.


Burnet County Jail
900 North County Line
Burnet City, Texas 78611

Live Oak County Jail
200 Larry R Busby Drive
George West, Texas 78022

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