Jailer Arrested. Sheriff Heaps Praise on Inmate with Domestic Violence Charge

Deputy Frank Ramos, with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, was arrested after he instructed inmates to beat up another inmate.
Frank Ramos

Deputy Orders Inmates to Assault Inmate

(TX) – Two Bexar County deputies were fired, and one was arrested, after one of them had an inmate assaulted. Deputy Frank Ramos was working a unit in the Annex portion of the Bexar County Jail. Deputy Jasmyne Ramos (no relation) went into the living unit to see if he needed to be relieved for a break. An inmate in the unit made a cat-call at Jasmyne Ramos. Frank Ramos got upset and motioned and gave verbal instructions to another inmate.

Sheriff Salazar did not tell us what was said, though he said they had excellent audio. The inmate motioned for the victim inmate to go into the bathroom where the inmate assaulted him. There aren’t cameras in the bathroom area. The victim inmate came out a few moments later and made comments to Deputy Frank Ramos. The deputy motioned to more inmates. Those inmates took the victim inmate back into the bathroom area where he was assaulted again. This time he came out with a bloody nose and a gash on his head. He again confronted the deputy, saying he would report him. Deputy Frank Ramos called for other officers who relocated the victim inmate.

Jailers Fired

The two jailers, Frank Ramos and Jasmyne Ramos, were both fired. Jasmyne Ramos was not there during the assault, but Sheriff Salazar said she knew it was going to happen and did nothing to stop it. Frank Ramos was arrested for Official Oppression and Assault Bodily Injury.

Inmate Who was Assaulted has Family Violence Charge

The identity of the inmate who was assaulted has not been released, other than he is an Asian male. That may become important later if it’s determined that his race was a factor in what the deputy did. What we do know about the inmate is that he is a 45-year old man who is in jail for Assault Family Violence/Choking and Violation of a Protective Order.

This is a man whose family is afraid of him. He’s a man who ignored a court’s order to stay away from a family member. And this is a man who assaulted and choked the family member he was not supposed to have contact with. Keep that in mind for the rest of this post.

Sheriff Salazar Gives Zoom Press Conference

We all know Salazar loves being in front of the cameras. He gave an almost 30 minute press conference about the firing of the two deputies and the arrest of one. But he did something else. He gave an awful lot of praise for the inmate who had been assaulted. You can view the full video on KSAT.com.

But I got to hand it to this victim inmate. He, he never once, you know, as, as ill advised as it sounds, he never once backed down. He never once, uh, you know, cowered. He stood his ground and he, he said, look, you shouldn’t have done that to me. 

Despite the fact that this deputy had ordered him to be beaten, twice, he stood his ground and he stood up for his rights. And, you know, I gotta say I admire the guy for that. For standing his ground and saying what happened and not clamming up. He told us, once we started questioning him, he told us flat out what happened.

That statement is at about the 26 1/2 minute mark in KSAT’s video. And it’s still not the only thing the sheriff said. He said they would give the inmate protective custody and he seemed impressed that the inmate would know that some of his items had been stolen and had reported the theft.

Salazar Shows His Poor Judgment Again

The press conference Sheriff Salazar gave was just one more example of his poor judgment. Yes, he was correct to fire the officers. Frank Ramos did violate the inmates civil rights. And it was fine that Salazar was glad the inmate said what happened when he was taken in for questioning. But inmates who have been assaulted frequently do that. They tell the investigators what happened so the person who assaulted them will be kept away. The victim inmate didn’t do anything different than most other inmates do. So why the excessive praise?

Now imagine how the family member who was assaulted by the victim inmate must feel after hearing Salazar. Imagine what it must feel like to have the sheriff heap praise on your assailant. What was she thinking when Salazar commented about her assailant standing his ground, and not backing down?

Like Salazar says, he’s been in law enforcement a long time. He knows how hard it is for women to report domestic violence. He knows they are terrified. How can a woman trust a law enforcement official who openly admires the person who assaulted her? The level of his poor judgment is unbelievable. Salazar didn’t need to say those things. He chose to say them.

Low Workplace Morale

It’s not surprising that there is such low morale among the women at the Bexar County Jail. Salazar made it obvious that he doesn’t consider or respect women. But they already knew that. The women who work at the Sheriff’s Office are well aware that they are not valued. Salazar praising a man who assaulted a woman was just another slap in the face for them. (We may not know it was a woman he assaulted, but that will be the assumption, and the likelihood).

And it’s not just the women with low morale. If you watch the video, you’ll see that Salazar keeps inferring that this must have happened many times before. He feels it went down too smoothly for it to have been a first time. Salazar is basing that off of the inmates understanding the deputy’s body language and verbal instructions. Those inmates are with that deputy for a minimum of eight hours a day. They would have learned his body language and they definitely understood when he told them what to do. And the inmates would have been able to tell that the deputy was mad at the victim inmate. Just because they are inmates, doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

There will be an investigation. Everyone knows what that means. Someone will be found guilty of something to justify the investigation. Everyone who worked with that officer, covered for him, and supervised him, has to worry that they will be judged guilty by association. You can’t have good morale when you always have a target on your back.

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