Latest Officers Arrested: Attempted Murder, Exploitation of Elderly, Armed Burglary

Officer Jessie Pollitt with the Maysville Police Department was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer
Jessie Pollitt

Officer Attempts to Kill Deputy Responding to Domestic Violence Call

(KY) – A Fleming County Sheriff’s Office deputy, who was responding to a domestic disturbance call, had shots fired at him by the aggressor in the altercation. Jessie Pollitt, who is an officer with the Maysville Police Department, was arrested for Attempted Murder of a Police Officer, Terroristic Threats, Domestic Violence, Wanton Endangerment and Resisting Arrest.

Very few details have been given out other than Pollitt is 28 years old and he fired at the deputy as soon as the deputy made contact with him. We don’t know who Pollitt was assaulting or what led up to the altercation. State Troopers arrived shortly after the shots were fired and aided the deputy in arresting Pollitt.

With all those charges, Pollitt only has a bail bond of $50,000. He was booked into the Mason County Detention Center.

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly Lands Officer in Jail

Officer Gregory Irvin with the Birmingham Police Department was arrested for financial exploitation of the elderly
Gregory Irvin

(AL) – Officer Gregory Irvin, with the Birmingham Police Department, was arrested on Dec. 2 for exploiting an elderly relative. As is frequently the case, little information has been released. It is currently unknown how Irvin was able to obtain the funds or how much money he was able to bilk his relative out of, but the statute that he was charged under, first degree felony, states the amount must exceed $2,500.

Whatever the situation was, a case ended up being filed with The Department of Human Resources. That agency then notified the Birmingham Police Department. Irvin was arrested and charged with Financial Exploitation of the Elderly in the first degree. He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail and his bail bond was set at $30,000.

Jealous Officer Arrested After Attacking ex-Fiancee

(FL) – It had been about two months since Officer Ahmad Ali Abu-Soud’s fiancee, who is a fellow police officer, had broken up with him, but that didn’t stop him from terrorizing her. It appears that Abu-Soud stalked the woman since he knew she was not alone in her apartment. The 6’3″ officer, weighing 220 pounds, banged on the apartment door causing both occupants to flee to the bedroom. Abu-Soud had, unknowingly to his ex-fiancee, made a copy of her apartment key and used it to gain entrance. He then forced the bedroom door open. A scuffled ensued and the ex-fiancee was able to get Abu-Soud back out of the bedroom. “When she went into the living room and told Abu-Soud she was going to call 911, he snatched the phone from her, causing them to tussle.”

Ahmad Ali Abu-Soud was arrested for “Armed Burglary with a Firearm, Tampering with a Witness and Domestic Violence Battery.” 


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