Latest Officers Arrested; Death Threats, Evidence Tampering, Sexual Misconduct

Officer Henry Vidal arrested
Henry Vidal

Officer Threatens to Kill Fiancée

Henry Vidal, a police officer with the New York Police Department, was arrested on Monday for threatening to kill his fiancée. Officer Vidal is a perfect example of the problems the NYPD is dealing with due to the police union. This incident, which is obviously criminal, is not Officer Vidal’s first criminal. Or his second. This is the third time Officer Vidal has been arrested. In this case, not only did he violate a protective order but he pulled his gun while making threats to kill the woman who is still referred to as his fiancée. Officer Vidal was charged with Criminal Contempt.

Prior to this incident, he was arrested in March after assaulting his fiancée, which is what led to the protective order. In that case Officer Vidal was accused of assault “pinning his fiancée to a bed and kicking her in the leg” which resulted in her being taken to the hospital and treated for “swelling and bruising to the ankle.” In this domestic abuse case, he “was charged with two counts of assault and one count of harassment.” In 2012, Officer Vidal was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). This is the kind of person that hidden records and the weight of the police union, protects.

Texas Officer Arrested for Tampering with Evidence

Officer Perla Depoyster arrested
Perla Depoyster

Officer Perla Depoyster, with the Brownfield Police Department, was arrested on August 4, for an incident that occurred in June. Officer Depoyster’s ex-husband, Angel Rojas, was involved in a rollover crash in which it was highly likely that he was intoxicated. Before the police even arrived at the scene, heck, while he was still pinned by the vehicle, Rojas was already calling Depoyster telling her to come right away. Witnesses helped lift the vehicle off of Rojas’ pinned hand. When Depoyster arrived, he got in her vehicle.

When the Terry County Sheriff’s Office deputy got there, Depoyster told him about the injured person in her vehicle. Rojas refused to be taken to the hospital (where his blood alcohol content would have been checked), then Depoyster drove off without waiting to be released by the deputy investigating the crash scene. She was “charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.” Her bond was set at $5,000.

Officer Deshunta Miller arrested
Deshunta Miller

Officer Arrested for Sexual Relationship with Inmate

A Baton Rouge correction officer was arrested for “Malfeasance in Office: sexual conduct.” Sergeant Deshunta Miller was an employee of the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, which is the second largest prison in Louisiana. Though the article is short, I already see problems. Ms. Miller, at the age of 21, was already a sergeant at this facility. She was hired on November 12, 2019 and was still on probation. Why are they hiring such young, inexperienced people straight into leadership positions? Talk about a recipe for disaster. I know Louisiana has a lot of problems in the prison systems but hiring foolishly is not going to help. Thankfully the only thing that did happen was sexual misconduct. So many other things could have gone wrong. This young woman could be dead.

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