Latest Officers Arrested: Sexual Battery (of a Minor), Assault, Unlawful Restraint

New Orleans Police Department officer, Rodney Vicknair, arrested for sexual battery
Rodney Vicknair

Officer Molests Sexual Assault Victim

(LA) – A 53-year old New Orleans Police Department officer was arrested on September 26 for sexual contact he was engaging in with a minor. According to, “Rodney Vicknair was the first New Orleans police officer to arrive at the scene when a 15-year-old girl reported being sexually assaulted, and he drove the teen and her mother to a hospital for a physical examination.” 

Officer Vicknair displayed true predator behavior. He took advantage of the teenager’s vulnerability and his position as a protector, and began grooming her, over time, to accept his attentions. He started with excessive compliments about her body then escalated to asking for some of her underwear and “giving her hugs and grabbing her buttocks.” Vicknair had moved to the point of fondling “her chest and between her legs,”  and asking for sex, before the abuse came to light.

The 13-year police veteran was arrested and charged with three felonies: “one count each of sexual battery, indecent behavior with a juvenile and malfeasance, or abusing his position as a public servant.” His bond has been set at $55,000 and he has been suspended from the New Orleans Police Department.

Undercover Officer Arrested for Intentionally Running Over Suspect

Portland Police officer, Scott Groshong, arrested for assault after intentionally running into suspect with an unmarked police vehicle
Scott Groshong

(OR) – An officer with the Portland Police Department has been arrested for actions he performed during protests on June 15 of this year. Officer Scott Groshong was working undercover, in an unmarked police minivan, and was watching as two men stole skateboards out of a shop. After a while a third man approaches the shop, reached in and grabbed a helmet then ran off. It seems that Officer Groshong could no longer restrain himself. From video (see below) of the incident it looks like he intentionally runs into the man with his unmarked police vehicle.

Groshong, while under investigation, chose to retire in August. He had been with the department for 27 years. The individual who was struck, dropped the helmet and ran off. He was later arrested but the charges were dropped. He has since accused Groshong of intentionally driving into him. According to,

“The officer, Scott Groshong, faces a nine-count indictment, charging him with three counts of first-degree official misconduct, three counts of second-degree official misconduct, two counts of failure to perform the duties of a driver and one count of third-degree assault.”

Naturally, Groshong’s attorney is acting outraged. He says that the man ran across the street in front of the van and that neither Groshong, nor the officer who was with him, realized that they had hit someone. That does not make sense. They were there with the specific intent to observe and capture, on video, criminal activity. The officer with Groshong, Officer Kenagy, had been operating the video recorder and said he didn’t know they had hit someone so he is not being charged.

How does Groshong, who is watching the crime happen, all of a sudden not know the person is there? How can any driver not see someone running in a manner that will take them in front of your vehicle and not make any move to evade or attempt to brake? Remember, officers get training on driving tactics. It’s part of their certification process. How do you hit someone, send them flying into the air and not realize you hit them?

I have seriousl doubts that Groshong hit the suspect and made no noise whatsoever. Most people would make some kind of exclamation. He obviously knew he had hit the person since he stopped the vehicle and opened his door, even though he didn’t get out. And wouldn’t Officer Kenagy have felt and heard the impact that sent a full-grown man flying into the air? Wouldn’t he at least have looked up when the van stopped suddenly and Groshong opened his door? There seems to be a lot of problems with the officers’ stories.

New Kensington Police Officer, Joe Martino, arrested for unlawful restraint and simple assault after beating his girlfriend.
Joe Martino

Officer Arrested for Unlawful Restraint

(PA) – An officer with the new Kensington Police Department was arrested in a domestic violence incident on Saturday. Officer Joe Martino, while off duty, was observed to have beaten his girlfriend, more than 20 times. Martino kept the woman from leaving the SUV they were in while he beat her. She was finally able to escape and run away.

Martino and his girlfriend had been at a party. His girlfriend states that he had gotten very drunk. The assault occurred while they were driving home at approximately 2:00 am. Per, “According to the complaint, the victim said she managed to get out of the SUV, but Martino followed her, hitting her head off the side of the truck. She said she ran toward the emergency room at Children’s Hospital. Martino chased her into the lobby before going back into the SUV.”

Officers later found the vehicle but the article does not say they found Martino at that time. This is probably why he was not also charged with driving while intoxicated.


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