Law Enforcement Officer Arrested for Solicitation of a Child

Officer Alejandro Carmona, with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, arrested for soliciting a minor
Alejandro Carmona – photo

Police Officer Charged with Multiple Felonies

(FL) – Officer Alejandro Carmona was arrested on March 15 when he showed up for work. The 15-year veteran had been under investigation for a month. The criminal investigation started after a 17-year old boy reported Carmona’s interactions with him on Snapchat. According to the teenager, Carmona’s inappropriate actions began while the boy was 16-years-old.

The teenager had met Carmona at a gym. When they spoke on Snapchat, Carmona began asking for pictures of the boy without his shirt. “The victim believed he was going to get workout advice via Snapchat, but instead starting to get unusual requests to send pictures of himself to the suspect with his shirt off.” Carmona  sent full nude photos of himself that also showed his face.

The teenager allowed police to log into his Snapchat account. Per,

The affidavit said the Carmona-Fonseca offered the undercover detective a “berfday” gift, later asking if he wanted some naked workout videos.

The undercover detective tells the Carmona-Fonseca several times that he doesn’t want to get in trouble and “we do not need to send videos,” the affidavit said. Carmona-Fonseca responds: “Whose going to tell,” adding he “may put you in handcuffs but that’s just for fun.” Carmona-Fonseca also sent a message saying, “This and everything stays between us. Even when I help you bury a body.”

History of Police Misconduct

In Carmona’s fifteen years with the sheriff’s office, he has had 28 discipline issues. Many of them were due to his failure to turn on his body camera. Several regarded rude and/or abusive behavior.,

“The officer was yelling so loud he had spit coming out of his mouth (not wearing a mask) and tears in his eyes. I was in fear because the officer would not calm down, even though I apologized twice,” wrote one elderly man in a March 2021 complaint.

In another incident, Carmona acted as if he didn’t believe a domestic violence victim. He refused to look at the damage the woman said the man had caused. And he refused to remove the man from the dwelling. After Carmona left, the man assaulted the woman a second time.

One of the most serious incidents Carmona was involved in resulted in a woman being treated so violently that some of her teeth were knocked out. She was found not guilty of Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, but was convicted for Resisting an Officer without Violence.

It was determined that the woman did not use violence, yet she had her teeth knocked out by Carmona. Why was he still with the sheriff’s office? I would be interested to see what a chemical test for steroid use would show.


Drastic mood swings and “roid rage” are common red flags of prolonged steroid abuse. Steroid abuse can also result in dramatic personality changes over time.

The complaints resulted in several internal affairs investigations with fifteen of the claims being upheld. Nothing was done about how he treated the domestic violence victim because there was no video evidence. It appears to have been one of the times he did not turn on his body camera.

Felony Charges Filed

Alejandro Carmona-Fonseca is facing felony charges of “online solicitation of a child, transmission of harmful material to a child and unlawful use of a two-way communication device.”  Carmona filed a not guilty plea and was out of jail on a $100,000 bond. He is currently on administrative suspension without pay. Police suspect there are more victims and are continuing with the criminal investigation.

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