New Category for Attorneys’ Advice

We are trying something new.

We’ve added a new category, Attorney Advice, for attorneys who wouldn’t mind giving a little free advice in exchange for some free advertising. We’re hoping this will be a win/win situation for our readers and for attorneys.

What we are requesting & what we are offering.

We would like attorneys to submit a small post, approximately 400 – 500 words, on a single topic. For instance, what to do when you are pulled over, how GPS monitoring works, what should you do if you are stopped for DWI, etc. We prefer a photo to add to the post. This would be the advertising photo you normally use. It can be a photo of the attorney or just the firms name/logo. Depending on the specs of the photo submitted, we may have to enlarge or shrink the image. (We’ve taken out the pixel specifications, just try for close to a square picture. It doesn’t have to be exact. Slightly longer or slightly taller is fine). It will be situated in the same place as the photos in the In the News category. Submissions should be sent to

In exchange for this help for our readers, we will allow the attorney to list the firm’s name, his or her name, any contact information, address, and a little about the kind of law he, she and/or the firm practices, at the bottom of the article. Our website currently gets over 80,000 views a month with the vast majority of them being local.

If this new category works the way we are hoping it will, then articles posted will eventually be pushed down by articles from other attorneys. Attorneys are not limited to one article. You can submit a new article on a new topic to get your information back up to the top again. Preferential treatment will be given to attorneys who have practices within Bexar County. We will work outward from there. We reserve the right to reject any submission.

Note:  If you are interested but don’t know what to write about, we recommend you read some of the comments in the different categories to get ideas about the issues our readers want information on.

4 thoughts on “New Category for Attorneys’ Advice

  1. Ron

    I’m being ignored by everyone since I was verbally emotionally and physically treated like an animal by the Chicago police department as a civilian employee of the Chicago police department in2007. Long story short. I was fired for trying to make a complaint.

    • admin

      Ron – I understand your frustration but I doubt you will be able to get any help from posting on this website. You need to reach out to an attorney in your area.

  2. Jose

    My sister is on partial ankle monitor and she’s has been able to work she has 3 kids and there under 10 hrs old her officer who handle the monitor hasn’t let her go look for work or appointments for the kids also the lawyer she has not try to fight for her he really ain’t helping she wants to get rid of him and get a new lawyer because he trying to get her 4 yrs its her first offense and she should be able to get probation and he already trying to take her to trial she has up to 2yrs to fight the allegations against her if I cam give me some advice on how to go forward with the situation thank you

    • admin

      Jose – We can’t give you legal advice since we are not attorneys, but we do suggest you or your sister contact a criminal attorney(s) to find out what her options are.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you

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