Officer Arrested After Years of Harassment Against ex-Girlfriend


Florida Deputy Arrested for Aggravated Stalking

Deputy David Motz, with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, arrested for aggravated stalking
David Motz

(FL) – Deputy David Motz, with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, refused to accept the break-up of his relationship. Instead, he chose to stalk, harass, threaten, and terrorize his ex-girlfriend.,

The woman provided police with numerous emails, call logs, and voicemails which confirmed that Motz continues to call, show up at her work, and follow her to different locations even after she repeatedly asked him to stop, according to police reports. Police say he often did this while on duty, in uniform in his marked patrol car.

The harassment included constantly calling her, following her, sending her gifts, and even depositing money into her bank account. The victim returned the gifts and money, telling Motz to leave her alone. He ignored her requests. However, the harassment didn’t end there.

Harassment Escalated into Threats of Violence

In a 2019 incident, per

“the victim said the defendant told her that if he was to lose his job, due to her reporting his harassment, she would, ‘end up like Denise Amber Lee.’ The victim took this to mean that she would be kidnapped, raped and murdered.”

The Denise Amber Lee case was a horrific crime of a woman who was abducted. She was able to call police dispatchers and was on the phone with them for nine minutes, trying to read street signs to tell them where she was. Even though there was at least one police officer within a mile of her location, dispatchers didn’t send anyone looking for her. She was raped and murdered.

Criminal Investigation

Motz’s victim reported his police misconduct to the North Port Police Department. They notified the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. The police department began their criminal investigation while the sheriff’s office conducted an internal affairs investigation.

31-year old David Motz was arrested for Aggravated Stalking and was booked into the Charlotte County Jail. He is being held without bond at the current time. Motz has been placed on unpaid administrative leave by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

Family Fears Retaliation

The news articles don’t say why the victim, who is a single mother, went to the police. What the family has said is that they are scared to death of what Motz will do once he is out of jail. Deputy Motz let the victim know that he was willing to kill her if she reported him. Even if convicted, he will eventually get out of jail. She has reason to fear.

Victim’s mother speaks about the harassment and fear to Wink News. See video below.

Press Release from Sheriff Prummell

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