Officer Charged for Felony Assault on Woman with Mental Disability

Los Angeles County Sheriff badge
Los Angeles County Sheriff

Officer Punches Unarmed Woman in the Throat

(CA) – A Los Angeles County deputy has been charged for an incident that happened in April of last year. Deputy Konrad Thieme is accused of an unprovoked attack on a Sarah Jafari, who is mentally disabled.

In the video, Jafari backs away with her hands out as Thieme approaches her. “Unprovoked, Thieme then punched Jafari’s throat, causing her to fall backward onto her head before deputies shocked her with a Taser.” Thieme is also accused of grabbing her by the hair as a means to take her to and throw her in the police vehicle.

Problem Agency

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has a history of abuse of power and excessive force. It continues to be a problem agency under the leadership of Sheriff Villanueva. This incident is another example. Three deputies responded and were on the scene, yet only a portion of the incident was captured on body camera. Then, according to the family,

Deputies also returned to the home in an attempt to convince Jafari’s mother to say her daughter had a knife at the time, but she refused to do so, according to the suit.

Officers are supposed to notify dispatch when they interact with someone. What was their justification for going back to the house? Who approved it? Why weren’t these deputies charged?

Officer’s Report Falsified to Hide Police Violence

Unsurprisingly, Thieme wrote in his report that Jafari was resisting arrest. That is the go-to charge that officers use to try to justify police violence. He also claimed that he “feared she was stalling to get a weapon.” Jafari wasn’t in possession of a weapon and there wasn’t one anywhere around her. The phantom weapon, like the accusation of resisting arrest, is another ploy used by officers.

According to the press release given by District Attorney George Gascón,

Police accountability is an essential component of a fair and just criminal legal system. Our office will not tolerate abuses of power that result in criminal acts by law enforcement officers who are sworn to protect our community.

Victim Hires Civil Attorney, Files Lawsuit

The public has been trying to get law enforcement agencies to address their problem of police violence with little success. Even protests didn’t work. The next step is to hit them in their finances. Ms. Jafari has hired a civil attorney and has filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County. Now that criminal charges have been filed against Deputy Thieme, the success of her lawsuit is practically guaranteed.,

Vincent Miller, an attorney for Jafari, said in an interview that his client was homeless for a while after the alleged attack. She did not want to return to her mother’s house because the Thieme and the other deputies knew where she had lived, Miller said.

“She’s lived in fear that he’s going to come back to her house and murder her, which is understandable,” Miller said. “She didn’t want to come home, she was terrified.”

Officer Facing Felony Charges

37-year old Konrad Thieme “was charged with two felony counts of assault under color of authority and one count of making false statements in a report, according to prosecutors .” All three charges are felonies.

Per the New York Post,

Thieme, who was assigned to the Lost Hills sheriff’s station, was relieved of his police duties the same day as the alleged assault, his supervisor told the newspaper.

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