Officer Who Killed Black 15-Year Old Loses Appeal

Officer Roy Oliver loses appeal
Roy Oliver

15-Year Old Jordan Edwards Shot in the Head

In 2017, Officers Roy Oliver and Tyler Gross, with the Balch Springs Police Department, went to a house party after receiving a call for under age drinking. While the officers were inside the house there was a loud noise outside. The teenagers thought it was gun shots and started leaving in a panic. Jordan Edwards got in the front passenger seat of a car filled with kids. As they were driving away, Officer Gross punched the window so hard he cracked it.

According to Officer Oliver, the car reversed toward his partner. Officer Oliver used his rifle to fire into a car full of teenagers. He struck Jordan Edwards in the head, killing him. Body cam showed that the car did not reverse toward Officer Gross but was heading away when Officer Oliver shot into it.

Suprising Verdict

Officer Roy Oliver was charged with Murder and convicted. The four aggravated assault charges were dropped. Balch Springs is in Texas. It’s very surprising for any officer to be convicted of murder but even more so in Texas. The conviction probably had a lot to do with the fact that Oliver’s partner, Officer Gross, testified that he never felt that he was in danger. Officer Gross’ testimony proved that Oliver’s actions were excessive force. Roy Oliver was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Murder Conviction Appealed

Naturally, Oliver’s attorney appealed the conviction. On August 11, the Texas appeals court upheld the conviction ensuring that Roy Oliver will go to jail for the murder of 15-year old Jordan Edwards. Most of the Jordan’s relatives were happy to get a conviction against the officer especially since it is so rare to get a conviction for any kind of police brutality, but some family members felt the sentence was too light. Roy Oliver will be eligible for parole in 7 1/2 years.

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