Police Chief Arrested for Sex Trafficking

Police Chief Larry Allen Clay, Jr., of Gauley Bridge Police Department, arrested for sexual trafficking of a minor
Larry Allen Clay, Jr.

Police Chief Rapes Minor

(WV) – Police Chief Larry Allen Clay, Jr., will be going to trial soon for his sexual assault of a minor. Chief Clay, with the Gauley Bridge Police Department, paid an adult to have sex with a minor. 28-year old Kristen Naylor-Legg, began her business by selling pictures of the young woman’s breasts and butt. Clay was one of her customers. “But Naylor-Legg offered Clay more than pictures, according to the affidavit.”

Naylor-Legg offered to allow Clay to rape the 17-year old relative for $100. In June of 2020, Chief Clay paid the $100 to Naylor-Legg. “Clay allegedly arrived in a gray police vehicle wearing his uniform, the affidavit says. He allegedly forced the girl to perform oral sex on him before raping her on the police vehicle, according to the affidavit.” Naylor-Legg watched the sexual assault.

A second sexual assault occurred in June. This time, Naylor-Legg only asked for $50. The articles aren’t clear, but it sounds as if the girl may have fought. According to the Washington Post, Naylor-Legg instructed the girl to “let him.” The assumption being to allow him to continue. Naylor-Legg also told the minor, “it would not be a problem because he was ‘fixed.’ ” Naylor-Legg had even brought a towel for the girl to clean up with. However, his time Clay raped the child, but did not pay Naylor-Legg the promised money.

Police Chief Wanted to be Minor’s Sugar Daddy

According to the Washington Post article, “The former police chief allegedly told the teen ‘he could be her sugar daddy.’” But that’s not really what he wanted to be. Clay told the young woman that he could sell her to other police officers and charge them $100 to rape her. That’s called a pimp, not a sugar daddy. Clay had even gone so far as to ask an officer, who had been charged with sexual assault, if he would be interested in raping the girl.

Naylor-Legg Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking

Naylor -Legg pled “guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of a minor.” If she eventually gets out of jail she will still have to register as a sex offender.

57-year old Larry Allen Clay pled not guilty. He “is charged with sex trafficking a minor using coercion and conspiracy.” Clay will get a trial, but Naylor-Legg will be a witness against him. In addition, the minor told investigators where they had thrown the towel after they cleaned up. The investigators recovered the soiled towel from the building where the second sexual assault occurred. It was tested and found to have both the minor’s and Clay’s DNA on it.

Assistant Police Chief Pete Perez, with Trinity University, was arrested for engaging in prostitution
Pete Perez

Assistant Police Chief Arrested in Prostitution Sting

(TX) – In local news, an assistant Police Chief employed at Trinity University, was arrested in a prostitution sting. 57-year old Pete Perez was arrested by a Vice Unit from the  San Antonio Police Department. Perez solicited sex from an undercover officer posing as a prostitute. He, along with six other men, were swept up in the sting operation.

The prostitution laws in Texas just changed on September 1. It moved up from a misdemeanor to a State Jail Felony. Perez, who is an 18-year veteran at Trinity University, was “placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.” In a move that has upset the public, the magistrate who set the bail bond only set Perez’s bond at $800. The other men who were arrested in the sting received $1,000 bail bonds. Claims of special treatment are being made and rightly so.

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