Police Chief Arrested for Soliciting Prostitution

Deputy Police Chief Jason DiPrima, with the Cartersville Police Department, was arrested in Florida for solicitating prostitution
Jason DiPrima

Deputy Police Chief Caught in Human Trafficking Sting

(GA) – A long time police officer with the Cartersville Police Department was arrested in Florida. But the officer wasn’t just some random street cop. He was a deputy police chief who had been with the agency since 1996. Chief Jason DiPrima was in Florida to attend a seminar and workshop conducted by the American Polygraph Association. He was using his agency’s DEA task force undercover vehicle to attend the training.

Events show that DiPrima was determined to engage the services of a prostitute while he was away from home. His first attempt ended up with the prostitute scamming him out of $200. The prostitute insisted that DiPrima get a cash app card. After he did, she told him to take a photograph of it so she could be sure he had the money. He texted her the photo and she used the information to get the money.

Jason DiPrima , who is a graduate of the FBI Academy, was taken in a ridiculously obvious scam. If he had stopped there, all that would have happened was he learned a valuable lesson and was only out $200.

Operation Fall Haul II

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office, along with multiple other law enforcement agencies, conducts prostitution stings in order to combat human trafficking. At the time that Deputy Chief DiPrima was in Florida, Polk County was conducting Operation Fall Haul II.

DiPrima didn’t learn anything from being scammed by the first prostitute. The next day he attempted to engage the services of a prostitute he had been texting with. Except it wasn’t a prostitute. The person DiPrima was texting with was an undercover detective. A price was agreed upon. DiPrima showed up in his government vehicle, bringing alcoholic beverages with him, to engage in criminal activity.

“On Sept. 1, DiPrima was arrested in Polk County, Florida, and charged with soliciting prostitution, lewdness or assignation, Cartersville police said.”

Held to a Higher Standard

Because of the amount of authority police are able to exert on others, they are supposed to be held to a higher standard. All police misconduct is supposed to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, we know that’s frequently not the case. The swift action by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is a shining example of how law enforcement is supposed to act. DiPrima wasn’t given any special treatment. He was promptly arrested and criminally charged.

“The Cartersville Police Department said in a press release that DiPrima had resigned Thursday following the department placing him on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.”

“DiPrima was arrested and booked into the Polk County Jail. He was released two days later on $500 bond.”

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