Police Don’t Arrest Teen Who Ran Over 6 Cyclists

Sheriff Troy Guidry of Waller County Texas
Sheriff Troy Guidry

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Police Misconduct Comes in Many Forms

(TX) – We have posted many articles showing police misconduct, but those articles showed actions by police officers. You can have police misconduct in failing to act also. I’m not an attorney. I can only give an opinion. It is my opinion that the failure to arrest the perpetrator of the below assault was, at the very least, a poor decision. But I lean more towards police misconduct in the form of special treatment.

On Saturday, a large group of cyclists were practicing for the Ironman competition. A 16-year old, driving a Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup, was harassing the cyclists. The truck was a diesel and the teenager was attempting to perform an action called “rolling coal.” This is when they manipulate the exhaust by slowing down, then speeding up so they can generate and blow the black exhaust smoke on someone.

The teenage driver had been harassing the cyclists and had attempted to roll coal at them several times coming “dangerously close” close to them. Something went wrong during one attempt. The truck hit three cyclists before his break lights even came on, and had run over an additional three before coming to a stop.

Law Enforcement Arrives at the Crash Site

Deputies with the Waller County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene. All six cyclists had to be taken to the hospital, two of which were airlifted. The teenager did stay at the scene allowing deputies to question him, along with the witnesses.

According to News.Yahoo.com,

Ferrell added that the driver, identified as a 16-year-old male, was intentionally trying to harass the cyclists. Authorities did not comment on the driver’s condition, KTRK reported.

“There was no reason for this to happen,” Ferrell said, adding that the teen stayed on the scene following the collisions. “It wasn’t like he was on his phone. [He] definitely meant to try and scare these people [or] intimidate them in some way. [Maybe he then] made a mistake and ran them over.”

Chase Ferrell was one of the cyclists the teenager attempted to harass and was also a witness to the crash. He would have given this information to the deputies. The Waller deputies didn’t even detain the teenager, much less arrest him. He was released outright.

Teenager Could have been Arrested on Criminal Charges

Supposedly the D.A. is determining if a crime was committed. I find this mindboggling. Let’s look at some Texas laws.

Deadly Conduct – A person commits an offense if he recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury.

Assault – (a) A person commits an offense if the person: (1) intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another.

Aggravated Assault – (a) A person commits an offense if the person commits assault as defined in § 22.01 and the person: (1) causes serious bodily injury to another. (NOTE: the Assault definition above is 22.01. It includes recklessly).

There is no way to deny the teen’s actions were anything but reckless. Personally, if the criminal charges above apply, which they appear to, then Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon should also apply since a vehicle can be considered a deadly weapon.

What I don’t get is the statement by the D.A. saying that they had to investigate to determine if a crime had occurred.

Who is the Teenager Who Ran Over the Cyclists?

The teenager is 16-years old which makes him a minor in Texas. As such, his name is not being released. What we do know is that his family can afford a Ford F-Series Super Duty diesel pickup truck. Those are expensive vehicles. We don’t know if it is his truck or the parent’s truck, but he obviously had free use of it.

The Waller County deputies didn’t arrest him or appear to hold him accountable in any way. That alone leads me to believe that the teenager was probably not a person of color. I just can’t see them letting a teenage Black boy walk away from something like this.

The Waller County Sheriff’s Office has refused to comment on why they did not arrest the teenager or what condition the teen was in.

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