Police Officer Arrested for Aggravated Assault After Shooting Unarmed Black Woman

Officer Eric Stoneburner, with the Copperas Cove Police Department, was arrested for aggravated assault
Eric Stoneburner

Off-Duty Police Officer Involved in Possible Road Rage Incident

(TX) – Eric Stoneburner, with the Copperas Cove Police Department, was off-duty when he encountered Ms. Lacresha Murray. On May 23, Ms. Murray was heading home from the store when she began to feel ill. She decided she needed to go to the hospital and attempted a U-turn using someone’s driveway. Stoneburner was behind her and attempted to pass just as Murray was pulling back out. They both stopped then Stoneburner proceeded. Murray passed Stoneburner on the road at which point she claims he began to tailgate her.

Murray parked, got out, and walked to the end of her truck where she stopped. Per KDHNews.com, “I said ‘Man, what is your problem? I’m trying to get to the hospital.'” Stoneburner, who was not in uniform and did not state he was a police officer, exited his vehicle. He aimed his weapon at Murray and told her to raise her hands. She did, then turned to get back in her vehicle. Stoneburner, who had “his 4-year-old granddaughter” in his vehicle with him, shot at Murray eight times. Four of the shots hit her.

Every Right Not to Trust the Justice System

As bad as this is, it gets worse. Lacresha Murray has already had a very bad experience with the justice system. “Murray made national headlines when she was 11-years-old by becoming the youngest person every convicted in Texas of capital murder.” Murray was accused of killing a 2-year old child who was left in her care.


…the Third Court of Appeals set aside the conviction after national media attention and a report by 60 Minutes in which a medical examiner retracted a claim made during the trial.  

A re-examination of the medical evidence concluded that the 2-year-old was injured before being left with Murray, who was acting as a babysitter when the child succumbed to the injury and died. 

Ms. Murray lost over four years of her life because of a corrupt system that prized convictions more than truth.

Felony Charges Filed as Criminal Investigation Continues

The Department of Public Safety has the Texas Rangers conducting the criminal investigation into the shooting. The Texas Rangers have enough evidence to determine that Eric Stoneburner was not in fear for his life. This determination resulted in the felony warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was also charged with causing serious bodily injury. DPS does have video evidence, but because the investigation is still ongoing, they will not release it.

Eric Stoneburner resigned from the police department, once he heard a warrant had been issued, and turned himself in. He has since bonded out of jail. No information was given on how much his bond was.

Ms. Murray Needs to File a Civil Lawsuit

I don’t know if Lacresha Murray needs a civil rights attorney or a personal injury lawyer, but she needs one of them. This woman has been abused enough by the system. She deserves to be compensated.

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