Police Officer Arrested for Assault During Family Violence Incident

Officer Philip Ortiz, with the San Antonio Police Department, was arrested for an assault during a family violence incident
Philip Ortiz – (KSAT)

San Antonio Police Officer Arrested

(TX) – Officer Philip Ortiz Jr, with the San Antonio Police Department, was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning. The arrest came after Ortiz assaulted his significant other during an argument. That the people who are supposed to ensure public safety are frequently the ones hurting people, is troubling enough. What makes this situation even worse is that “During the argument, authorities said a police officer’s duty firearm was also discharged, but it did not cause any injuries.”

SAPD Known for a Lack of Transparency

There are a lot of details that are missing in this story. We don’t know where the incident happened or who fired the officer’s duty weapon. Since no place of business is listed, it’s possible this incident happened at the couple’s residence. What were the circumstances if Ortiz was the one who fired his duty weapon? I doubt he walkers around his house wearing it. That would mean he intentionally got the weapon. If so, for what purpose? To terrorize his partner? Since he is accused of assaulting his partner, wouldn’t that make it aggravated assault with a deadly weapon?

Or maybe it was the significant other who fired the weapon. If so, again, what were the circumstances? Why did the partner feel the need to get the weapon to defend him or herself? The partner is being referred to as the victim and no charges were filed against the partner. If that partner was the one who fired the weapon, then it sounds like SAPD believes it was done in self-defense.

And lastly, where did the bullet end up? Why do law enforcement agencies act like bullets just disappear in a puff of smoke if they don’t strike someone? Why does the media ignore this aspect of the situation? It’s important that the media keeps asking and reporting where the bullet ended up so people realize just how deadly the situation really was.

Officer Charged with Assault Bodily Injury

Officer Philip Ortiz Jr  is a 5-year veteran with SAPD, and is a Northside patrol officer. He was “charged with Assault Bodily Injury – Family Violence.” No information was given on the amount of his bond. However, he was suspended without pay.

Law Enforcement has a Family Violence Problem

Officer Ortiz is far from the only police officer at SAPD who has been arrested for family violence. Law enforcement, in general, has a major problem with it. Of all the police misconduct, family violence is probably the most prevalent. The percentages are all over the chart on this subject, but even the most favorable numbers still have law enforcement officers committing family violence at 2 – 4 times the rate of the general public.

It’s good that the San Antonio Police Department immediately suspended the officer without pay, but by withholding information related to the incident, they are still shielding him. If the police are willing to release information pertaining to the arrest of a non-law enforcement individual, then they should be willing to release information pertaining to the arrest of a law enforcement individual. There should not be two standards.

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