Police Officer Arrested for Cyberstalking Disabled Woman

Officer Bryan Broehm, with the Palm Beach Gardens police department was arrested for cyberstalking a disabled woman
Palm Beach Gardens Police Department

Home Security System Used to Stalk Woman

(FL) – An 18-year veteran police officer, with the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department, was arrested this month on multiple stalking charges. 53-year old Officer Bryan Broehm had known the victim from 20 years ago, when they had worked at the same agency. “According to the police report, Broehm and the victim worked with each other at the Mount Dora Police Department in the late 90s, early 2000s,” They did not have any contact during the 20 years in between working at the same agency and meeting again.

The two reconnected in May when both individuals attended the funeral of a mutual friend. They became romantically involved in June, a relationship which lasted only five weeks. At the time, the victim, who has physical disabilities, felt it was in her best interest to give Broehm access to her home security system in case of an emergency. Having access would allow him to use the two-way voice option. She would be able to notify him if she fell and needed help. Her trust, no doubt, stemmed from the fact that Broehm was a police officer.

Bryan Broehm immediately took advantage of the access, repeatedly monitoring the victims home and daily activities. Broehm would then demand answers as to various activities such as who she had been speaking to on the phone and who had sent the package to her. If she would not answer his calls immediately, Broehm would set off the home security system’s alarm.

Abuse Escalates After Relationship Ends

Broehm’s toxic behavior escalated when the victim ended their relationship. The victim revoked his access to her home security system and repeatedly told him to stop contacting her. The actions enraged Broehm. In addition to threatening the victim, he made several attempts to break into her home security system.


“One of the most disturbing things that was said was that if you ever leave me, I will hunt you down and kill you,” said Lt. Fred Jones of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The accuser said she believed these threats were true because of his “uncontrollable anger,” “abnormal controlling behavior” and “position as a law enforcement officer.”

The victim blocked phone numbers that Broehm used in an attempt to keep him away. Broehm then resorted to using an app that would mask the real phone number and show it as a different number.

Criminal Investigation Uncovers a Pattern

Investigators retrieved images of the interior of the victim’s home from Broehm’s iCloud account. Broehm tried to defend his actions, saying he was just checking on her welfare. However, there are also threats left on the victim’s voice mail and the use of the application to hide the harassing phone calls.

This kind of controlling behavior doesn’t just suddenly start in a 53-year old person.


“Through this investigation, by and through employment records, search warrants, and direct testimony, it is apparent that this behavior exhibited by the Suspect is not uncommon or out of character, and a behavior pattern exists covering many years with various women that he has dated,” the affidavit states.

Law enforcement is hoping that more women come forward to relay the stalking and harassment Broehm subjected them to.

Broehm Arrested on Felony Charge

Bryan Broehm was arrested on one count of Aggravated Stalking and four counts of Cyberstalking. The aggravated stalking charge is definitely a felony. Cyberstalking can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. It depends on the severity of what was done. None of the articles we read indicate if the cyberstalking charges were upgraded to the felony level. Because most news sites list the most serious offense first, we suspect that the four stalking charges are misdemeanors.

Broehm was booked then transferred to the Lake County Jail. His bail bond was listed at $60,000. He posted bail and was released. Bryan Broehm has been placed on unpaid administrative leave.

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