Police Officer Caught in Criminal Investigation

Officer Matthew Doughty at his swearing in ceremony
Matthew Doughty (left)

Police Officer Arrested for Theft and Narcotics

(CA) – The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office was conducting a criminal investigation into the theft of over 30 guns from a private home. Detectives were able to determine that the person who had broken into the house was Matthew Doughty. Doughty is a police officer with the Gonzales Police Department. No information as given on how they identified him as the suspect.

Once identification was made, the sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant for his home. According to KSBW.com, detectives found “40 weapons, including handguns, rifles and ghost guns, were located. In addition, methamphetamine and other drugs were also located.” Derrel Simpson, speaking on behalf of the MCSO, included silencers as items that were collected.

Committed Theft While on Administrative Leave

30-year old Matthew Doughty was sworn in as a police officer in October of 2018. No information was given in the news article regarding any previous employment with a law enforcement agency. The news video states that eight months into his employment, Doughty was involved in a shooting, but doesn’t state what his actions were. All the officers were cleared in the incident.

It’s concerning that Doughty was on administrative leave when he broke into the house to steal the guns. And he had been on administrative leave for almost a year. That indicates the police department felt he committed serious police misconduct. They are unable to release personnel information regarding the actions that resulted in the administrative leave.

Bad Cop from the Beginning?

Some people join law enforcement because they want to help others. Some want to have authority over people. But some people join because they want to use the job for criminal purposes. Being a police officer lets you find out all kinds of information. Information like where you can get weapons and drugs. It seems unlikely that an officer with barely over two years of active work on the force, would be corrupted so quickly and easily.

After the weapons and narcotics were found, Doughty was arrested. He was booked into the Monterey County Jail on multiple felony charges. No information was given on his bail bond or if he was able to get out.

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