Police Officer Drags Dog at Speeds Up to 45 mph

Officer Spencer Allen, with the Mesa Police Dept., charged with animal cruelty after dragging a dog behind his truck
Spencer Allen



Mesa Police Officer Arrested on Felony Charges

(AZ) – Spencer Allen, who is a police officer with the Mesa Police Department, was arrested after witnesses saw him dragging his dog. On April 9, several witnesses saw Allen pass by with a dog being dragged behind his truck. The witnesses attempted to stop Allen but he sped up to as much as 45 mph to get away. One witness followed in his vehicle and said that when Allen stopped, he “unchain the dog behind the truck, pick it up by the scruff of the neck and throw it in the back seat,”

Spencer Allen took the dog to different places trying to have it euthanized. Throughout his attempts, Allen lied about what happened. He claimed the dog wasn’t his, that he found the dog on the side of the road. He said he thought the dog had been hit by a car. Staff at the various animal facilities said the marks looked like drag marks.


Allen had owned the brown dog, Cosmos, for seven years. The staff at the shelter he originally went to told the criminal investigators, “the skin on the back legs had been ripped off.” The staff at the veterinary hospital Allen went to next said he kept trying to get them to euthanize the dog. Allen even filled out paperwork stating the dog was a stray. “Staff noted that Allen was ‘exceptionally calm and collected for someone who had brought in a dog so extensively injured. ‘” The dog was transported to the Arizona Humane Society where it was discovered “that the road rash was so deep it punctured the dog’s abdominal cavity, causing a collapsed lung.”

Cosmos’ injuries were too severe and he had to be euthanized.

Criminal Investigation Started

Criminal investigators, with the Apache Junction Police, contacted Allen on April 15. They interviewed him about the stray dog he had found and let him give his statement. Once he was locked into his lie, they told Allen they had witnesses. And even better than that, a surveillance video camera had recorded the crime as he drove past.

Allen finally confessed, implying that the dog had jumped out of the back of the pickup. His claim is that it was all an accident, but he knew people were out to crucify police officers. He said, “…it’s my time on the chopping block.”

Unbelievable Story

This story doesn’t make sense to me. Allen claims Cosmos never jumps out of the back of the truck. If that’s the case, why chain him? And why use a chain so long that the dog can sit on the ground? Allen says he loves his dogs. Yet when Cosmos was injured Allen didn’t stop right away. Instead, he sped off peeling the skin from Cosmos’ body in the process.

Allen says he doesn’t believe in dogs being inside vehicles or the house. But when he finally stopped, he threw Cosmos into the back seat instead of the truck bed. He says he panicked. Okay. At this point I can believe that. But the staff at the veterinary hospital noted how “exceptionally calm” he was. It just doesn’t make sense.

A More Likely Story

Maybe the real story is more like this. Allen knows Cosmos jumps out of the back of the truck. He uses a long chain so Cosmos doesn’t hang himself. Cosmos jumps out while the truck is moving and Allen decides to teach him a lesson. (A chain dragging over the metal of the truck is going to make noise). While he’s dragging the dog he realizes people have seen what he’s doing. Panic does set in. This sick man thinks only of himself and drags the dog raw. He stops to avoid more people seeing what he is doing and throws the bloody dog in the truck.

Once Allen is away from witnesses, he immediately calms down. He doesn’t care about what he has done to his dog. He’s perfectly calm because he thinks he got away with it. He thinks he can hide what he did. Allen even laughed with the investigators about all the blood in the vehicle. Makes you wonder what this man has done that he actually has gotten away with.

Felony Charges Filed

Spencer Allen was charged with Animal Cruelty, Forgery, and Falsifying a Report. He was booked into the Pinal County Jail. The articles don’t give any information on his bond. Allen resigned from the Mesa Police Department in May. He had been with them since 2014. With luck, Spencer Allen will never wear a badge again.

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