Police Officer Kills Man Execution Style


Officer Corey Obregon, with the Jonesboro Police Department, shot a suspect in the back of the head
Corey Obregon

Officer Shoots Man in Back of the Head

(AR) – Jayden Prunty, a 22-year old Black man, was walking home from the store when he was stopped by a police officer. Officer Obregon, with the Jonesboro Police Department, was driving his vehicle on Spruce Street. He saw Prunty walking and decided he needed to conduct a drug interdiction stop. There is no audio at the beginning of the full video, but it appears he tells Prunty to stop. Officer Obregon gets out of his patrol car and begins walking toward Prunty telling him to come here.

Prunty continues walking away saying he just came from the store. Officer Obregon then claims he can smell marijuana. Prunty gets upset and says, “You’re lying.”  Officer Obregon takes Prunty to the ground. Prunty is on his stomach with his right arm under his body. Obregon says, “I promise you if that’s a gun it’s not going to end well for you.” Obregon reaches under Prunty’s body and a shot rings out. Prunty cries out in pain. Obregon falls to the side behind Prunty. He takes out his gun and shoots Prunty in what appears to the back, then again in the head.

Officer on Administrative Leave During Criminal Investigation

Officer Corey Obregon has been placed on paid administrative leave while special agents with the Arkansas State Police conduct their criminal investigation. According to KAIT8.com,

Special agents with ASP’s Criminal Investigation Division collected evidence from the scene and are continuing to investigate. Their investigation file will be turned over to the Craighead County prosecuting attorney who will determine if the officer’s use of deadly force was consistent with state law.

That sounds professional, but it feels like the story was being spun from the beginning. Officer Obregon tells the dispatcher that Prunty is “fighting” rather than saying he is resisting. Fighting gives the impression of a greater level of violence than what was occurring. It’s also a good way to ensure that officer come in an aggressive state of mind.
The news outlets are saying that Prunty shot at an officer and the officer shot back, making it sound like a shootout. It gives a completely different impression of what really happened. Then there’s the disregard shown to Prunty’s family.
Prunty’s mother, Sherry Prunty, said Friday evening she was upset over the release of the video, especially on social media. She said she was devastated to see her son being killed on Facebook and said police have not reached out to her about the video.

Will the prosecuting attorney look beyond these attempts to steer the narrative, or will there be real accountability?

Harassing Citizens

But why was Jayden Prunty stopped in the first place? Why can’t a person walk down a street without a police officer deciding the person needs to be harassed? There is no way Officer Obregon smelled marijuana as he was driving down the street. He chose to target a young Black man with no justifiable reason other than to say they had a drug interdiction operation going on. And now another Black man is dead.


Below is a well-known person on Twitter who shows part of the video. If you want to see the full video, click here.


2 thoughts on “Police Officer Kills Man Execution Style

  1. David

    Are the parents suing the PD? They should. Tgere was absolutely no reason for the interaction. He has broken no laws, there was no investigation into prior criminal activity in the area. If the officer would have just driven by, even though the boy had the gun, he would still be alive. The illegal approach and detainment is the cause of the murder.

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