Police Officer Leaves Dogs to Starve to Death

Zachary Police Department badge
Zachary Police Department

Horrific Cruelty to Animals

(LA) – A 21-year old police officer, with the Zachary Police Department, has been cited with felony animal cruelty. Law enforcement had been called to a rental trailer to investigate claims of damaged property. When they entered the trailer they found filth and feces everywhere and found the decomposed bodies of two young dogs. “Animal control officers were called to take over the investigation when authorities found no other evidence of possible criminal activity.”

Animal Control Conducts Criminal Investigation

Officers with animal control entered the trailer and found evidence of the dogs having been abandoned in the locked trailer. The dogs had scratched the walls and torn at the blinds in their attempts to get out before they eventually died. The animal control officers suspect the dogs may have been there since July. Those poor dogs would have been left inside that tin can in the sweltering heat.

During the criminal investigation investigators determined that the dogs belonged to Officer Ashton Blount.

Per WBRC.com,

Detectives interviewed Blount, who told them he left the property in July and turned over 9 dogs to LSU’s animal shelter, the official said. However detectives later reported that they were only able to verify Blount brought 7 dogs to the shelter, WAFB was told.

I’m curious as to why he left the other two. Did the shelter have a limit? Was there a charge beyond a certain amount of animals? Why were seven turned in, but two were left to suffer horrible deaths?

Police Chief Releases Statement

Zachary Police Department Facebook account,

On 10/06/2021 a Zachary Police Department officer was arrested by an outside agency. The Zachary Police Department is not involved in the criminal investigation, but is cooperating with the arresting agency. This investigation is ongoing and as such, I cannot comment on the details. What I will say is that this officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation into this matter.
Law enforcement officers, like the citizens we serve, should be held accountable for their actions. I believe in full, fair and thorough investigations and have faith that justice will be served at the conclusion of this investigation.
– Chief David McDavid

Felony Charges Filed

The criminal investigation by animal control determined that this was felony animal cruelty. However, instead of arresting Blount, as should have been done, they issued a summons. One of the animal control officers speculated that it may have been done that way because the offender was a police officer. He said anyone else would have been arrested.

The Zachary Police Department has placed Ashton Blount on administrative leave with pay while it conducts an internal affairs investigation.

Warning: Distressing Video

I was not able to embed the news video by WBRZ.com. Here’s the link. Be forewarned, for a news station story, the video shows more than I thought it would and is distressing to watch for any animal lover.

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