Police Officer Tries to Hide Dying Stepson in Hole in the Wall

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“The death of 15-year-old Dasan Jones was ruled a homicide by asphyxiation and the teen’s stepfather, Eric Banks, has been charged with first- and second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death, police said.”

Horrendous End to Child Custody Dispute

(MD) – Latrice Banks knew there was something wrong with her police officer husband. She filed for a protective order in June citing emotional and mental abuse. She declared, “I am in fear for my life and well being because Eric Banks keeps trying to control, follow and emotionally abuse myself and my sons.” No indication was given as to why she did not show up for the hearing, but the request was denied since no one appeared.

She filed again on July 6 then contacted Anne Arundel County Police for help in picking up her sons. She told police officers she was unable to make contact with her oldest son, 15-year old Dasan. Officers went to Eric Glen Banks’ residence to ask about his stepson, Dasan Jones. Banks, who is a Baltimore police officer, stated that his stepson had left when told he would have to go with his mother.

Officers searched the neighborhood. When more officers arrived, they asked to search the residence. Banks gave permission. When police officers went into the loft they saw a hole in the wall with a white cover leaning against it. Banks said it was a gun safe and tried to get to it first. Officers told him to stay back. When they removed the cover “they found him (Dasan) unresponsive in the wall.” Banks was handcuffed and officers attempted to revive Dasan without success.

Banks Resists Arrest

According to the charging documents, Banks kept complaining that his handcuffs weren’t double locked. He unbuckled the seatbelt and stood back up out of the patrol car several times. Banks then insisted that he needed to go kiss his children. When the officer grabbed his arm, he grabbed her gun and removed the safety cover. The officer immediately clamped down on the weapon to stop him from removing it from the holster. Other officers came to help, all the while Banks kept saying, “You’re gonna have to end this.”

Most Serious Charges Filed are Assault Charges

So far, the most serious charges filed against Eric Banks are the assault charges. That’s because they don’t know the cause of death for Dasan Jones yet. Banks has admitted to moving the body from one location to another in an attempt to hide the child.

Currently, Eric Glen Banks has been charged with 1 count of First Degree Assault, 1 count of Second Degree Assault, 1 count of Reckless Endangerment, 1 count of Disarm a Law Officer, 1 count of Resist/Interfere with Arrest, and 2 counts of Failure to Obey a Responsible and Lawful Order.

The criminal investigation in ongoing. Once the Medical Examiner rules on cause of death, more felony charges are likely.

Judge Denies a Bail Bond

34-year old Banks has been a police officer with the Baltimore Police Department for three years. Prior to that he was with the U. S. Marine Corp for 11 years. He reached the level of sergeant while in the service. “However, in March 2018, he was discharged from duty.” His last assignment with the military was as a recruiter. No information has been given as to why he was suddenly discharged.

Prior to July 6, Banks had been suspended with pay, from the Baltimore Police Department. They have not released information on his suspension. On July 6, after his arrest, his suspension was changed to without pay during the criminal investigation.

The officer’s report indicates that she felt Banks intended to harm them. His comments show that he was willing to do whatever it took to get them to kill him. Because of his homicidal and suicidal mentality, the judge has refused to give him a bond. Banks remains in jail and has been placed in protective custody to ensure he does not harm himself.

Police Don’t Take Domestic Violence Seriously

Police officers have treated women as if they are overreacting or lying and trying to viciously hurt their partner when women file domestic violence complaints. But you would think that after finding a child’s body stuffed into a hole in the wall, police would act differently.

Apparently not. According to Sergeant Kam Cooke, “There appeared to be some things going on with the couple and there needed to be some space between them.” Really, Sergeant Cooke!?! That’s what you see in this situation? Some things going on? A need for space? The comment by Sergeant Cooke is disgusting. If situations like this don’t get law enforcement agencies to view domestic violence as real and serious, what will it take?

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