Police Officer Who Attempted to Conceal Car Accident, Arrested

Police Officer Arrested on Multiple Charges

Officer Nesta Reid, with the San Antonio Police Department, was arrested for multiple charges including theft of a vehicl
Nesta Reid

(TX) – San Antonio police officer, Nesta Reid, was was arrested on Monday. The arrest of Officer Reid was made by the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD). According to the police department, Officer Reid was involved in a minor car accident and attempted to conceal it.


Reid claimed he parked it at one of the substations, but it was later discovered he had been involved in accident while on duty driving that vehicle. Reid reportedly collided with a barrier causing minimal damage to the patrol car. He tried to conceal the evidence by removing the plates and the city-issued laptop before abandoning it on the railroad tracks.

Criminal Investigation Continues

Both a criminal investigation and an internal affairs investigation are being conducted. Officer Reid is a 5-year veteran with SAPD. He is assigned to the traffic unit and the vehicle that was left at the track was last assigned to him. Reid says he left the vehicle at the substation at the end of his shift.

Detectives determined that was not the case though they did not release any information stating how they know this. They also don’t say how they know it was a barrier that Officer Reid hit with his police vehicle.


The officer (Reid) assigned to the vehicle told investigators he left it parked at the department’s Central Substation Friday evening, with the laptop still inside, and vehicle locator logs confirm that was the vehicle’s location when he signed off.

Was it the laptop? Did they find it in his possession after he said he left it in the car? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that their laptops have tracking software installed on them. I don’t know if they do, but it seems it would be a smart way to protect their property.

KENS5.com video, reporter Henry Ramos,

Now, tonight I asked investigators if they believe that Officer Reid was under the influence at the time or if this is something that they are looking into? So they told me tonight, at this point it’s hard to tell, and that detectives are thoroughly investigating.

Reporter Henry Ramos brings up a good point. Officers have minor accidents all the time. Sure, it leaves a ding on their record, but they don’t get fired for it. Why did Officer Reid risk so much to hide a minor car accident? Was it just a dumb mistake or was he hiding more than just a car accident?

Criminal Charges

Nesta Reid was arrested and charged with “Theft of Vehicle, Obstructing Passageway/Roadway, and Tampering with Physical Evidence.” SAPD has suspended him without pay. No information has been given regarding his bond or if he posted it.

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