Police Officer Who is the Subject of Two Investigations Assaults a Third Man


Corporal Melvin Williams, with the Dallas PD, has been placed on administrative leave after assaulting a man
Melvin Williams – OtherSideDallas.com

Police officer Placed on Administrative Leave for Excessive Force

(TX) – Corporal Melvin Williams, with the Dallas Police Department, has been placed on administrative leave after yet another incident of excessive force. In the latest incident Williams was working a part-time job as security at a bar. A large fight broke out in the street and two police officers were attempting to calm things down. Williams joined the officers.

A man walks up and Williams shoves him back. Williams continues advancing on the man and shoves him into a light post causing the man to fall. Williams punches the man in the face, with extreme violence, at least six times. The other two officers have to stop what they are doing to go pull Williams off of the man. Corporal Williams was placed on administrative leave.

Pattern of Police Violence

This is far from the first time Williams has resorted to police violence. During the George Floyd protests Williams used a sponge gun to shoot two different men in the face. A sponge gun is a gun that shoots a bullet that has a sponge tip. It’s designed to be less lethal, but is still not meant to be aimed at a person’s face.

Williams, who is a member of the SWAT team, shot Vincent Doyle immediately below his left eye. He shot Brandon Saenz in his left eye. That is not a coincidence. These had to be aimed shots. Williams has some serious anger management issues. The Dallas Police Department has to know it so why was he allowed to continue working with the public while under investigation?

Internal Affairs Investigation

Corporal Melvin Williams was finally been placed on administrative leave. The excessive force incident is under an internal affairs investigation. The video evidence is pretty damning. You can see that the man is just holding up his hands as protection. He does not attempt to strike Williams. And you can see Williams violently pounding away at the man on the ground with a complete lack of control. Even the Dallas Police Association president says Williams has a lot of explaining to do.

Civil Lawsuits Filed

Both Vincent Doyle and Brandon Saenz have each filed a civil lawsuit against the Dallas Police Department. Vincent Doyle has blurred vision in his left eye as a result of being shot in the face. Brandon Saenz was shot directly in his left eye. The eye had to be removed. None of the articles give the name of the man who Williams was violently beating, but don’t be surprised if another lawsuit is coming.

Police Chief Praises Officers

It was good to see officers take action to stop another officer’s abuse. Chief Garcia was right to praise them. But more work needs to be done. According to OtherSideDallas.com, “While Garcia himself praised the officers for removing Williams from the subject, two police sources say they did not self report the issue to superiors or Internal Affairs.”

That’s still a problem. Those two police officers were still trying to protect another officer who they knew had used excessive force.

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