Police Officers Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Minors

Officer Takes Advantage of Suicidal Teen

Officer Mark Stinnard, with the Pompton Lakes Police Department, arrested on multiple sex offenses against a minor
Mark Stinnard

(NJ) – Mark Stinnard, with the Pompton Lakes Police Department, was arrested on September 27. The 37-year patrol officer was also a volunteer with “the local volunteer ambulance squad.” It was in his volunteer capacity that he met the minor when she had been “taken to a hospital for a suicide attempt.”

That meeting occurred in 2017. Stinnard took advantage of the troubled teen and coerced her into having sex with him and exchanging nude photos and sexual videos.

Per NJ.com,

In March 2018, the teen attempted suicide again and Stinnard drove the ambulance that took her to the hospital, the affidavit alleges.

“It was at the hospital that she found out she was pregnant with Stinnard’s child,” the affidavit alleges.

It has not been determined if the minor was 16 or 17 when the sexual abuse first began.

Why Did the Criminal Investigation Take So Long?

According to NJ.com,

The Riverdale Police Department received a report on April 23, 2018 of a minor who been involved sexually with a police officer from the Pompton Lakes Police Department and it was later determined that the offenses happened in Passaic County, Valdes said.

The investigation revealed that Stinnard, in addition to having the sexual contact with the victim, would ask the victim to take nude photos and videos and send them to him, authorities said.

I’m at a loss to understand why it took over three years to arrest this man. I do understand that the police department that originally got the complaint was not the department that had jurisdiction. The crime occurred in Passaic County. However, the complaint would have been forwarded to someone in Passaic County. I’m not sure if that would be the District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, or at the very least, Pompton Lakes Police Department.

Felony Charges Filed Against Officer

The Pompton Lakes Internal Affairs Department received the complaint on April 23, 2018. (So they were notified, but it could have been the Sheriff’s Office who investigated. Still no idea why it took so long). Officer Mark Stinnard was suspended without pay on April 24, 2018. Credit to Police Chief Derek Clark for acting so quickly.

Mark Stinnard was “charged with endangering the welfare of a child for manufacturing child pornography, as well as three counts of endangering the welfare of a child for engaging in sexual conduct with a child, plus possessing child pornography and causing harm to a child.”

Officer Andrew Patrick DeNoyer, with the Eldridge Police Department, arrested for sexual abuse of a minor
Andrew Patrick DeNoyer

Officer Arrested for Sexual Abuse of 14-year old

(IA) – Andrew Patrick DeNoyer, with the Eldridge Police Department, was arrested on September 26. Very few details have been released. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation conducted the investigation and they did so “at the request of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office and the Eldridge Police Department.” 

No information has been given as to how those agencies originally became aware of the crime. We do know that Officer DeNoyer was on-duty when the sexual abuse of the 14-year old occurred and that it happened on May 1. The detectives were able to break him down and get him to admit to the abuse.

Felony Charge Filed

Andrew DeNoyer was arrested for one count of 3rd Degree Sexual Abuse. In Iowa, that charge is a felony charge with a 10-year prison sentence. “Denoyer was booked into the Scott County Jail at 8:01 p.m. with a $10,000, cash-only bond. He posted the cash bond and was released from the jail at 10:14 a.m.”

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