Police Support White Supremacists

Kenosha shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse

Two People Killed, One Seriously Injured

Last night in Kenosha, two protesters were killed and one was seriously injured when they were shot by 17-year old militia member, Kyle Rittenhouse. But before that ever happened, police were filmed thanking the militia, saying they really appreciate them, and offering them bottles of water. Rittenhouse is one of the group of armed people who the police were speaking to. In the video you also hear police using a speaker to tell a civilian to get out of the area because civilians are not allowed there. Those militants ARE civilians but again, the police welcome them. This inequitable policing is the main problem with policing today. Rather than face that there are a lot of problems in the way they function, police double down on their bigotry and align themselves with white supremacists. Make no mistake about it, those militias groups are absolutely believers in white supremacy. Rittenhouse immediately took down or made private, all of his social media but news agencies are reporting that it had white supremacist comments, support for the confederacy and misogynistic comments.

Kenosha Shooter is Another Example of Police Racism

The video going around in which Rittenhouse shoots at people, starts with Rittenhouse jogging down the street with people following saying he shot someone. If he had been a Black man everyone would have been lauding those people who were trying to stop him, as good citizens. But he’s White. Several articles I’ve read have mentioned him being chased by people who were trying to beat him up and how he got in a “defensive position” to protect himself from attackers. And those are the ones who are supposedly being neutral.

But that’s not the only difference. Rittenhouse just shot several people. He is jogging toward the police at the end of the block with his long gun. He raises his hands in the air knowing what he did and that they will arrest him. But they don’t. No one gets out. People are shouting, ‘he just shot people’ and the police do nothing. Rittenhouse walks off and the officers let him leave the scene. Can you believe that? A police officer from this area felt an unarmed man walking away from him, was sufficient reason to shoot him in the back seven times, but a person with a weapon, who just shot three people is motioned away and allowed to leave without anyone asking even one single question? Does this make any kind of sense?

Well it does make sense. It makes White sense. And therein lies the problem. It’s what the people are protesting about. I don’t care if those who were shot were White people. That does NOT indicate there was no racism involved. Police and white supremacists think of White protesters as traitors. They don’t care about them. You won’t see any police officer calling out to White protesters that they are appreciated for supporting Black people.

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