Public Service Announcement

Ominous Signs

History has shown us what certain types of actions to lead to. Banning books. Banning certain speech. Banning the right to protest. Taking away rights. Holding up only one type of person as the ideal, and vilifying anyone who does not meet that ideal. Taking away our right to vote. Making it hard to vote. Setting up a system that makes certain votes not count. Establishing districts that intentionally break up and dilute your opposition’s vote…

We are seeing all the warning signs that foretold us what Hitler was and what his followers were willing to do. We ignored those signs back then and paid for it. Those signs are back and they’re much closer to home. They’re in our own backyard. The below video was put out by the U.S. War Department. It’s called “Don’t Be a Sucker.” The original video is over 17 minutes long. If you want to watch the whole thing, click here. I highly recommend it. But at the very least, watch the shortened version below. Your vote matters.

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