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Depressed Over Current State of Our Nation? Here’s What You’re Not Hearing

If you listen to the news it sounds like everything is bleak. That’s intentional. The media knows that people read their articles less when everything is good. Fewer people reading means less money for them. But all the negativity can lead to depression and feelings of hopelessness. Let’s look at a few things.

The Economy

The world suffered a severe pandemic and it’s still in progress. It has caused supply chain issues all over the world and has affected every country’s economy. The Biden administration has enacted measures to help us recover. America’s economy is up more than any of the other G7 countries. America +6.1%, Canada +3.7%, Japan +3.1%, France +1.9%, Germany +1.2%, the United Kingdom +1.0%, Italy +0.5%.

I suspect we would be doing even better if the additional measures had passed. Unfortunately, the other side of the aisle voted against them.


And the economy will be getting better. President Biden and democrats got a historic infrastructure bill passed. It includes money to build roads and bridges, high speed internet, replace lead water pipes, improve transportation, upgrade airports, invest in passenger rail, build electric charging stations, upgrade power infrastructure, protect infrastructure from cyber attacks, and cleaning up old wells and mines so they don’t pollute the water supply.

All of these things mean jobs. Many, many more jobs.

More Good News

Unemployment is at 3.6% – That’s down from 6.3% in January of 2022. This is one the fastest decline in unemployment ever.

Jobs – The Biden administration added a record setting 6.6 million jobs in the first year.

Wages  are up 5.6% in the last year. That’s the fastest increase in decades.

Deficit – There has been a 1.3 trillion dollar reduction in the deficit. That’s the largest single year reduction ever.

Medical Bills On Credit History – Medical bills do not indicate how trustworthy a person is when it comes to paying their bills. The Biden administration is working on a bill to keep the credit companies from considering medical bills. That would be hugely beneficial for a lot of people.

Diversity – The Biden administration has been the most diverse administration to date. There have been so many ‘firsts’ that it’s hard to track them all down, but the most prominent ones are the first Black female Supreme Court Justice and the first Native American to serve as the Interior Secretary.

There is so many more good things that are happening. I’ll list more at a later date when you need another boost to your mood. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean there aren’t things to worry about.

The Price of Gas (Warning)

The high price of gas is not due to inflation. President Biden has released 30 million barrels of oil to help lower prices. The price of oil from other countries has dropped. Yet oil companies continue to raise the price of gas. This has nothing to do with inflation and everything to do with greed. They are making record profits and trying to blame it on inflation. Don’t be fooled.

There are scarier things going on currently, but this post was to try to help you see some of the positive things so you don’t feel so depressed. Remember, voting matters. Vote for people who have good policies. Ignore those who just want to scare you into supporting them and never say what they plan to do to fix anything.

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