Retired Homicide Detective Arrested for Rape and Kidnapping

Roger Golubski, a retired Kansas City police detective, has been indicted on multiple charges including rape and kidnapping of young Black girls
Roger Golubski – Edwardsville Police Department via AP

Drugs, Sex, and Corruption

(KS) – Retired homicide detective, Roger Golubski, was arrested for a second time after additional charges were filed. The 69-year old detective was initially arrested on September 15. Golubski was accused of conspiring “with a local drug kingpin to help run a sex-trafficking operation involving underage girls.” Two women have spoken to a grand jury about the abuse they suffered at the hands of Golubski and others. The initial charges include sexual assault, rape, sexual abuse, and kidnapping.

Golubski was released from jail on September 19, but was placed on house arrest.

Additional charges were filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Roger Golubski was arrested on November 14. These charges include other men, one of which was a local drug kingpin, making the acts part of a conspiracy.

Press Releases by DOJ

The Department of Justice has released at least two press releases regarding the investigation into Roger Golubski and others. The first press release from the DOJ was directed solely at Roger Golubski. See the full press release here.

The first three counts of the indictment charge Golubski with sexually assaulting the first victim on multiple occasions between 1998 and 2001 by digitally penetrating her and forcing her to perform oral sex on him in his vehicle; by raping her in his vehicle; and by performing oral sex on her, making her perform oral sex on him and raping her in and next to his vehicle. The remaining three counts of the indictment charge Golubski with sexually assaulting the second victim on multiple occasions between 1999 and 2002 by raping her in her home; making her perform oral sex on him in his vehicle; and making her perform oral sex on him and raping her in her home. The indictment alleges that Golubski’s conduct included aggravated sexual abuse and kidnapping.

The second press release from the DOJ includes three other men, one being the accused drug kingpin, and addresses the conspiracy aspect of the case.  See the full press release here.

The first count of the indictment charges all four men with conspiring to hold young women, including Person 1 and Person 2, in a condition of involuntary servitude; the second count  charges Brooks, Roberson, and Robinson with holding Person 1 in involuntary servitude and forcing her to provide sexual services to Roberson; and the third count charges Brooks, Roberson and Golubski with holding Person 2 in involuntary servitude and forcing her to provide sexual services to adult men, including Brooks, Roberson and Golubski.

Victims Speak to the Grand Jury


The two teenaged girls told a federal grand jury that they saw Golubski being paid by Brooks and that Golubski also had sex with several of the women, but “primarily chose young Black girls, ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old,” according to the indictment.

NOTE: I suspect that is supposed to be the two women who were teenagers at the time.

Also from NPR,

The indictment paints a graphic picture of sex trafficking run out of Delevan Apartments, including a “relaxed” area, where the young women were allowed to use drugs and alcohol with the men, then the “working house,” where girls were required to perform sexual services for adult men who visited the building.

The girls were made to do this with “physical beatings, sexual assaults and threats of force,” the indictment states.

A History of Corruption

This is not the first time that Roger Golubski has been in the news. In 2017 the media found out, what the community already knew, that Golubski could not be trusted. That incident involved a double homicide and the wrongful arrest and conviction of Lamonte McIntyre. Golubski is accused of threatening the two witnesses to give false testimony against Mr. McIntyre. It took 23 years, but supporters were finally able to get someone to listen. The prosecutor who reviewed the information made the extremely rare decision to ask for the case to be dismissed.

Police now believe that drug kingpin Cecil Brooks was the one who ordered the murder. They believe that Roger Golubski was protecting Brooks by pinning the murders on McIntyre.

Lamonte’s mother thinks there was a reason her son was targeted. She feels it was revenge.


Years before the 1994 double homicide, the lawsuit said, Golubski stopped Rosie McIntyre and her boyfriend, asking Rosie to get out of the car. Rose says Golubski told her to meet him at the police station the next day, or he would arrest her boyfriend.

When she went to the station the next day, McIntyre says Golubski forced a sex act. After that, Golubski wanted a long-term sexual arrangement, the lawsuit said, but Rose McIntyre dodged him by moving and changing her phone number.

Lamonte filed a lawsuit against the city for his wrongful arrest and conviction and was awarded 12.5 million dollars. Golubski, who didn’t attempt to get any evidence at all, other than the witnesses, didn’t face any consequences.

Roger Golubski

Roger Golubski retired at a detective rank, in 2010, after 35 years with the Kansas City Police Department. He seems to have been willing to abuse his authority from the very beginning of his career. With that long a period in law enforcement, it’s likely that there are many more victims out there.

If convicted, Roger Golubski would spend the rest of his life in prison. He claims he is innocent of the charges, but that’s to be expected. Hopefully, he will finally face justice for his actions.

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