Update: Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

Kenosha shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse is a Coward

Apparently my post about police supporting white supremacists that included what Kyle Rittenhouse did, upset a couple of those white supremacists. First off, this is a moderated website. I will not add your stupidity onto the internet. That’s my right. There are plenty of other places where you can go to whine about being a victim.

But I would like to show what kind of a person Kyle Rittenhouse is. Not that it will change their minds, since they will only believe what they want to be true. This is for the rest of you who are interested in finding out what drives him.

Kyle grew up with parents who focus their life around guns and a feeling of impending doom. Not only was it instilled in Kyle that everyone was out to get them but being only 5’4″ tall, he obviously suffers from shortman syndrome and desperately needs that great equalizer to make him feel powerful. The truth is, he’s a coward.

I have posted a video below of an incident that happened a few months ago. I’m not sure where this occurred. In it, a group of kids are harassing a single female. Two boys are right in the female’s face. One of those boys is Kyle. So you can see, Kyle has no problem being part of a group picking on one person and he doesn’t even care if it’s a girl. Then you see a short girl instigate a fight with the first girl. The two begin to fight. Kyle comes up BEHIND the taller girl and sucker punches her. At one point, he even puts his hands up as if he’s fighting an opponent, as he prepares to throw the next punch. ALL THE WHILE HE IS BEHIND HER! He is such a coward that he has to attack a woman from behind. That’s pretty damn pathetic.

The Real Heroes

Fortunately, the guys filming the fight are real men. They can’t deal with a guy hitting a woman. Heck, even the other guy who had originally been in the girl’s face arguing with her, doesn’t try to hit her. Instead, he tries to pull the smaller girl away. Kyle, on the other hand, punches the taller girl, FROM BEHIND, FIVE TIMES! The guys in the second video are the heroes. It appears that when the shoe is on the other foot, Kyle isn’t so fond of a group attacking one person. Not to worry. The little girl saves him. At the end of the video you see him scurring away like a rat. That is who Kyle Rittenhouse is. To the guys who administered retribution, thank you for sticking up for the woman Kyle was beating on. (More below the videos.)


We have removed the photo of the two individuals that were supposed to be Kyle Rittenhouse’s parents. It has been pointed out that Politifact lists it as false but if you read what they say, the part they say is false is that the picture is from the night of the shooting. The picture was actually taken 2 days before. They do not comment on whether it is his mother or not. I find it strange that a website that deals in whether things are true or not would fail to mention that it was not her if it wasn’t. However, due to it being undetermined, we have chosen to delete the photo.

He Wasn’t There Innocently

Kyle Rittenhouse was illegally in possession of a weapon. He had no right to “protect” property since the property was not his, it was not his place of business, and he had not been hired to protect it. He was out after curfew just like the protesters, so that crime applies to him as well.

Now video has surfaced showing people telling him to stop pointing his gun at cars and people. Kyle was engaging in dangerous, provocative behavior before he shot three people, killing two of them. If he was pointing his gun at people, he was preparing himself to shoot.

26 thoughts on “Update: Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

  1. Wittine

    Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer. OK. But why am I not in the least surprised? When I see the pictures of his parents, my hair becomes stiff. Kyle is a victim, too. Obviously he was deprived of a proper education. He is the “American Nightmare” per se. American society is a merciless class society. Shame about Kyle Rittenhouse’s messed up life! I’m so sorry for him. He will now rot in prison and be forgotten. And his victims, whom he shot in cold blood, will also be forgotten at some point. A society that allows such scenarios is neurotic through and through. There is no doubt about that. May his victims rest in peace!

    • JH

      More reason to make an example out of him so others done follow suit. His parents and the other of the gun should also being charged and send to jail. Don’t let this shit happen again, make them an example

    • Jee Eye Joe

      Just saw the interview with the mother and father. Complete disregard to take responsibility for their sons actions.
      He should go to prison.

    • Joel

      They have to make an example of him. The fact that you have adults celebrating a murderer is sick. He is another incredibly angered entitled punk . This is coward behavior and he will pay for it . Wisconsin allows everyone to carry around open fire arms isn’t the safest environment for anyone. Especially when you have a coward holding a gun

    • admin

      Mike – The article says “showing people telling him to stop pointing his gun at cars and people.” The video is about people telling him to stop. It doesn’t show him doing it which is why a bit further on we say “If he was pointing his gun at people…” The person taking the video happens across people when they are telling Kyle to stop. But again, the video does not show Kyle actually performing the actions. What the video does is capture the faces of people (witnesses) who can then be called to testify about Kyle’s behavior. Their first hand testimony would be validated by the video.

  2. Becky

    Will Illinois object to extraditing Kyle Rittenhouse to Wisconsin due to some difference in viewing him as minor vs adult? That is: Wisconsin would try him as an adult. Does Illinois view him as a minor? If so, would that impede the extradition?

    • Tiny

      Funny how everyone is saying that the third person who attacked Kyle was a felon and shouldn’t have had a gun, in which they should hold Kyle to that same standard having been underage and having a firearm illegally which caused two deaths and a injury.

  3. Sherrie

    If you find any more info, please update. It took a minute to find this article. I’ll pass the word. This dude is no Hero. He’s been radicalized and he is a punk.

  4. Joyce

    Becky in Illinois a 17 year old is tried as an adult. Kyle is an adult in both Illinois and in Wisconsin from a legal standpoint. There is a famous case in Wisconsin where a 16 year old boy who is low IQ was tried as an adult for a murder his uncle committed. His name was Brendon Dassey and the documentary is called making a murderer. He isn’t eligible for parole till 2048. He will stand trial in Wisconsin.

  5. Kobitje


    Kyle Rittenhouse was a fucking pussy thinking he could play wannabe cop in Kenosha he wasnt even from that town . Now all nazis online hail this kid because he murderd 2 BLM protestors for what ? ! LOOTING A CAR DEALERSHIP . So because you loot or protest against white supramacy you deserve to die ?? apparently YES even the so called orange muppet of a president in the white house is hailing this kid . This country is beyond saving now the Purge is nothing compared to what America is today and empty shell of its former being .

    • jeff

      Is there any actual proof of them looting or breaking into cars at this dealership? Careful with your words unless you have proven facts.

  6. Deshi

    (This portion deleted by moderator). Most gun obsessed people are insecure cowards. It’s psychological projection. They are weak, paranoid, and have low self-esteem. Usually due to being a failure in society. I’ve sadly been around too many of these types in my state. Very evident once you talk to them and get to know their background. To hell with these human cockroaches infesting Amerikkka. I’m not Black but even a child knows better. BLM!

  7. jeff

    Admin, you have a few typos in your article. For example you say BEHING when I assume you mean behind. I’d recommend you review before publishing. Regardless, thanks for getting this info out to share.

    People also need to see the full reel of the first shooting if they haven’t. It’s not clear what was thrown at Kyle. it’s being said it was a plastic bag which we can assume had something in it such as a rock, but it’s also reported that it fell short and did not hit him in any way and then he immediately shot the first victim in the head. The video I’ve seen clearly shows he was at least 30 to 50 ft away from victim 1 when he shoots. I wouldn’t call that “self defense” in any way as there was no immediate life-threathning harm. This kid is a cold-blooded murderer.

    Lastly, I hope his parents do prison time just as he likely will. Given their photos you can easily tell where his motivations come from. As a parent myself I feel it’s unacceptable that this happened and they certainly bear some level of fault.

    This is trumps America and it has to stop.

    • admin

      Jeff – Thank you for pointing out the typos. We all normally proof read our work, not to say some mistakes never slip by, but this mess was mine. I don’t know if I forgot to proof it and moved on to one of my other writing projects or if I was just that sloppy. Very embarassing. Again, thank you for pointing it out.

  8. Tony

    This Kyle is a coward. If he hits a prison yard he will not last a week before being someone socks cleaner or boxed up. I hear Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, an organization of inmates inside, are looking to talk with him soon. Not just him but any other people that are sent to prison for going to a protest for justice of other people on the side of the law with guns. Militias don’t run prison blocks. No guns there

  9. Inspiring Inquiry

    Whats your source on the people in the photos being his parents? It seems like it’s been shown that there is not credible link to show a relationship to KR. You told a person above to be careful about what they claim and asked if they had a source for their assertions about people looting. Just wanna hold you to the same standard.

    • admin

      Inspiring – We have removed the picture, not because it has been proven to be false, that hasn’t been determined, but because it also hasn’t been verified to be true. We originally went with it being correct because Politifact only said the date the picture was taken was incorrect. They don’t say anything about that NOT being Kyle’s mother, which as a fact checker site, you would think they would do if that were the case. Though it very well could be her, and there is at least one picture of Kyle with a long gun when he was very young, leading us to believe she accepts that, we still felt its undetermined status was enough to remove it.

      Regarding us telling others to be careful about sources, that was a poster, not us. However, it’s good advice no matter who gives it.

      • Inspiring Inquiry

        Thanks for the correction. I am sorry to confuse you with the poster. Glad to see that you took it down until it is determined.

    • J

      I’ve been hearing a lot about this and I haven’t seen any videos, but can someone please explain to me how Kyle wasn’t shot on the spot by police officer for killing these people? Not that I would ever wish death on anyone, but Black Americans get shot in the back or in their own home without doing anything wrong. Yet, this child gets to go home without a single scratch on him after murdering 2 people and injuring 1. Hypothetically speaking say there was black man carrying a rifle in a group of white men and he was to walk towards the police with his hands up. The officers immediate reaction would be to single him out and point their firearms at him. Either yell at him to get on the ground or possibly even shoot him. They would’ve felt threatened or even fear for their lives solely based on the color of his skin.

      This country was built on racism and it’s a sad thing to see how there’s no justice for Black Americans or people who also want to see a change for our black brothers and sisters. Kyle is not a hero nor does he deserve justice. What he deserves is to be in prison for the rest of his life for killing those people. It’s sickening how someone can claim self defense when deep down they are just a sick individual who wanted an excuse to kill someone. The unfortunate thing about justice though- to quote something I heard “ Those who stand at the top can decide the definition of “evil”. This very place is neutral ground. Justice will triumph, you say? Of course it will! Because the winners will become justice!” This holds a lot of truth to the way things work in our society and it’s sad that it’s how the world operates. Hopefully he’ll pay for his actions of taking those people lives.

  10. 8mile

    The main thing for me is that those who are in control, repubicans and democrats, think they can create an environment where blacks can be shot on a regular basis, worst case scenario plenty police officers who are responsable get fired, and all you as a citizen are allowed to do is piecefully protest. That is democracy! You are not allowed to behave human like, become very angry and destroy stuff. Which is natural behavior. Everywere in the media one can read how bad those people are and that they must be stopped. I compare it to someone standing on your toes for hours..with you forced to be quiet.

  11. Carl

    sadly, guilty though he is, the young man is going to walk via jury nullification.
    And he is going to walk with a nice chunk of change in his pocket.
    Some justice

    • Ken

      Carl is probably right excepting that the word “guilty” is not appropriate in the legal sense. He certainly committed the acts, as can be seen on many videos, whether he was justified in doing so remains in the hands of the judiciary, not, some of these commentators would prefer, in the hands of previously incarcerated inmates.

  12. Chris

    Is anybody else seeing Kyle repeatedly yawning as the judge reads the charges against him, this morning? Does Kyle not completely comprehend how serious this situation is? Or does he is it something else? Kyle’s behavior seems weird, IMO…

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