Video Evidence of Deputy Assaulting a Handcuffed Man

Deputy Dirio Sinclair, with the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, has been suspended for assaulting a handcuffed man
Dirio Sinclair

Deputy Suspended During Criminal Investigation

(FL) – Deputy Dirio Sinclair, with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, has been suspended and may face assault charges. The incident happened on May 6. A man, who is suspected of suffering a mental health crisis, was “arrested for violating a domestic violence injunction.” He was taken to the hospital for evaluation and one of his hands was cuffed to the bed railing.

The altercation is already in progress when the video begins. You can see the victim standing on the hospital bed and he is yelling at the officer. What’s concerning is that the victim keeps accusing the officer of hitting him. At one point he says, “You hit me with that computer, m***** f*****.” The deputy keeps yelling at the man and putting his hand near the man’s face. The man slaps the deputy’s hand away and Deputy Sinclair attacks him viciously.

This may be a second assault if the deputy did hit the man with the laptop. A female deputy has to intervene to stop the assault. She eventually tells Sinclair to leave the room so the situation can be de-escalated.

Crisis Intervention is Not for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are taught to control situations. Basically, to become the dominant person. It takes a lot of maturity to balance that dominance with restraint. The Orlando Sentinel says Deputy Dirio Sinclair had “been at the sheriff’s office since March 2019.” They also write that “this was his first job in law enforcement.”

Sinclair didn’t have any prior disciplinary problems. This was his first incident. But it’s obvious from the video that he was unable to deal with someone who was not intimidated by his yelling. Deputy Sinclair chose to escalate the situation by increasing his aggression. That’s not going to work when someone is suffering a mental health crisis. Supposedly Sinclair received crisis intervention training, but according to the sheriff, “protocols were not followed.”

Deputy Dirio Sinclair was suspended, with pay, and the case has been forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office. Sinclair could face a misdemeanor Battery charge.

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Self-Control is Needed in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers have a lot of authority over people. To do their jobs properly without violating the law, they need a lot of self-control. None of the articles mention Sinclair’s age, but you can tell he is not a kid. And yet, he still was not able to handle the situation properly.

This is very concerning for me since Sheriff Javier Salazar has decided to push to hire teenagers right out of high school. He calls it his Senior Round Up. Salazar is paranoid about officers being arrested. He seems to feel that if a person has never had any problems before, they won’t ever. Just because you can become a detention officer at 18 (which never should have been allowed), doesn’t mean you should. Think about it. These are kids. Very few will have the maturity to deal with inmates or crisis situations.

Salazar compares his program to what the military does, but military personnel live and breathe the life. These kids will go to class for a few weeks then will be thrown in the deep end. They will be malleable to every idiot officer who tells them it’s okay to do X. Then what happens? They end up facing criminal charges like Dirio Sinclair is probably going to. Their life will be ruined because a sheriff is too incompetent to be an effective leader over adults.

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