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The arts program is not always available.  I’m not sure if this is a funding issue, a lack of volunteers issue or maybe both.  When it is available it is used to help an inmate to be able to express himself.  Basic art techniques are taught in a hands on fashion.  The class also does an excellent job of helping an individual discover pride in a positive ability.  It helps them to feel and see their own self-worth.  Inmates can exhibit their work, be involved in community related projects and can even get a commission for their art.

Inmates wishing to sign up for the art classes must fill out a Human Services Request Form (Appendix F).  The forms are available in the Living Unit.  Classes are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

4 thoughts on “Art Program

  1. Brian St. John

    Hello, my name is Brian St. John I am the chairman of the Art Department at St. Mary’s University. Several years ago STMU hosted an art exhibit of works by inmates. Is the program still happening? Who do I need to contact about the possibility of another exhibit?

    Thank you,

    Brian St.John
    Associate Professor of Art,Chair of Art
    St. Mary’s University

    • admin

      Mr. St. John – This is a private website. We are not the Bexar County jail. We recommend that you contact the Sheriff’s Administration office at 210-335-6010. If they don’t know who to direct you to ask for Chief Paul Berry. He is the Chief Communications Officer. That’s just a fancy term for public information officer. He would probably be able to look into that for you. We wish you luck. We’ve seen some of the inmate art. Wow. Definitely worth showing.

  2. Hector's Aunt

    This is his Aunt Susie . I just wanted to know if maybe this art program or some education program or maybe a library that Hector can utilize while he is waiting for his court date. he was just arrested on the 17th of this month. I also wanted to know how i can contact him to ask him to make sure i am on his visitation list. i know if he has art to help him express himself it will help him. i appreciate the time thank you.

    • admin

      Hector’s Aunt – There are various things available for the inmates to do. There is also a cart with books that is wheeled around. The inmates can select a book to read. You would either need to write your nephew a letter asking him to place you on his visitation list of if he calls you ask him at that time.

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